third tri exhastion has begun

i think TOTAL EXHASTION has returned. my energy has been taken from me. i know i have a list of people to return phone calls to and i promise tomorrow you are all getting a call or email. cross my heart.

being exhasted and carrying extra weight can be trying at moments. also, craving cafeteria food (can't get enough corn/veggies at the moment) and then trying to go to luby's at lunch only to find out the luby's in NLR is closed - like sign ripped off the awning, windows taped over closed - (franke's is better anyway!) CAN AND WILL make a pregnant girl burst into tears. other things that made me cry today: a new project at work (too much!), forgetting my milk at work, and another work issue. let's just say preparing for maternity leave has brought up some issues AT WORK. work, ugh. i think i need to take a day off. (can't; saving all those for maternity leave since they don't pay for any leave! yea!) i cried all the way home! haha. ridiculous. none of it was that big of a deal.

on to more important things: BABY NAMES (as promised!)

here are our preliminary LISTS!

nora (maybe nora kate since we do live in the south now and double names are standard, right?)

aiden (yea, yea, it's popular blah blah blah)
gabe (ok, i just threw this one on just now)
seamus (fine, karl vetoed this one BUT whatever!)

we really don't LOVE any of these little man names. so, really, we are open for suggestions.

you can vote if you would like BUT if you have a negative opinion about one of our name selections, please do NOT make this pregnant lady cry for the 6 millioneth time today. oh, and, don't even bother asking about middle names, unless you have a GLORIOUS suggestion! these were difficult enough.

oh, and also, i like the name imogen. and james. (one last for each list!)

26 weeks, 5 days


Lauryl Lane said...

i like bridget. it's old-fashioned and pretty (and your middle name, right?). i won't tell you my future babies names (i don't even want children any time soon yet i've already chosen all my children's names, does that make me sick?) since they are secrets and i will be pissed if anyone steals them, but i will share my other faves that were runner-up names....



okay, not arturo. are my names weird? just wait till you find out the names i DID pick! ;) where oh where are those fabric pictures? i wanna see what you are working on for that nursery. and what's up with no paid maternity leave? i am ready to go kick some ass on your behalf.

the day's said...

GREAT names! and i'm not just saying that...i'm pretty picky, and i like ALL of them. in fact, i think they are so good i have nothing to add...or maybe it is just 115am and my brain can't process. ;)

oh and btw, isn't there some sort of LAW about maternity leave? if not, there DEFINITELY should be! try to hang in there and cheer up, the "tankeys" are headed your way! :)

Leah Billings said...

So fun! I can only imagine what a task it is to pick out a name for a new human. You guys have done well.
I second the call for fabric pictures. You talked about some cute ideas a few months ago, so I can't wait to see what you've picked out. :)

melissa said...

I love Nora Kate...

Sorry about all the sucky work stuff!

Matty D said...

You can't go wrong with:

Robert Lee



I promise.

Anonymous said...

I love the names!! And your story made me giggle about Luby's...Did I tell you they turned the one by my apt into a fertility center? Yeah. Weird. I'm not great with names b/c I like guys names for girls and preppy names for guys. Think girls: Kyle, James, etc. yeah. I'm still on team pink and really did LOVE the names you picked!

kristen said...

I always wanted to be named Lindsay because I loved writing the letter L in cursive. Boys names are so hard. I've always like Caleb (sp?)

Elizabeth Spann said...

I love the names! You guys did an excellent job. None of those names (that I can think of) can be turned into a horrible nickname in adolescence. Hee hee. Way to go, kids! ;)
PS, I'm particularly fond of Bridget and Nora... But it's a boy, so...
Love ya!

Sarah said...

i vote
nora kate bridget hills.

Sarah said...

hayes for baby boy.

hayes hills.

but really, i love all of your names and baby hills will be good to go on any of them....i don't forsee any crazy rhymes happening, or complete dread when it comes to the first day of school roll call.

Sarah said...

oh reid, elliot, gabe! solid as well.

okay that is my last comment for today friend.

cannot wait to see what patterns you picked. if i am putting it together in my head, as jenny explained, and as my memory recalls the swatches, tree pattern plus owls, i am already so in love!!!

As American as Apple Pie said...

I love baby naming! Just lurking and had to put in my 2 cents.



Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good names but what happened to Wallace Matheny Robus Price Hills? That is a name to be proud of


Anonymous said...

I love the name Bridget Kathleen Hills. Its a girl so no need to vote on a boy name. You guys have done a great job. I can't wait to see you this weekend don't forget to bring the dress. I also love the names Joseph Brian, Isabel Kathleen, and Mylee Jayne to bad they have already been taken.
Love, Bridget Patricia Kathleen Costa

care said...

I vote for all your girl names. I like that they're all less common. I think lorelei anna would be a good one.

my probable baby names some day are cleona and lilah. I'm a fan of old-time-ee names, myself.

have you looked at monograms or written their names out or anything? my friend's mother wrote out the potential names for her kids and that's how she decided. you can also look up their meanings.

hope you get some energy soon. or at least get to relax.

Susan said...

Imogen- pronounced "I'm-ah-jean"? I like it...also very Southern!

If we have another boy, he'll have Hayes as either a first or middle name. It's a family name. We almost went with Setler Hayes as a matter of fact, but used Griffin, another fam name, instead. I don't mind if we both use it though cause I'm having a girl next and her name is Daylee Joan. We've had that picked out before we knew Set was a boy. Boy names are harder.

The law about maternity leave is that they can't fire you for missing up to 6 weeks, but however, unfortunately don't have to pay you...unless you have short term disability. At any rate, that sucks. ABPG should do better!

Maria said...

We're not having any more so I'll share the rest of our boy list with you... OK. Running out of time... hard time remembering...


Anonymous said...

Hayes is a fine name, but 'Hayes Hills' doesn't work. You can't choose the first name without considering the last name.

Anonymous said...


Megan said...

I didn't know Luby's closed. Hate being away from the "big city". I like Lorelei and Hayes. But really my opinion means nothing. I'm so excited yall aren't finding out the sex. Nobody does that anymore!!!

Chandle said...

I think all your names are great! Don't cry, you are doing amazing. Besides, if there is one time in your life you get to act like a crazy person, it's when you're pregnant. Hang in there. Team Pink!!!!

Katie said...

i really like hayes. and james. and gabe.

for a girl, i really like nora kate. soooo cute!

Maria said...

Here's the rest of that list:


Lawrence was on there because it is Kevin's agent's name, and he said if it wasn't on the list, he wasn't getting Kevin a job. LOL! (he was kidding, but I put it there anyway.)

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