1/2 marathon: 2 hours, 6 minutes and runner etiquette

we are back from our weekend jaunt to STL. we flew, which makes both of us very happy. (short weekend plus driving sucks. plus karl was running and who wants to drive home after that?)

the weather was perfect and karl had a GREAT race. it was a half marathon; 13.1 miles. there were over 13,000 total runners across marathon and half categories. 2:06:27 was his official chip time (for you non-runners, they time the race according to a chip you attach to your shoelaces. the chip starts when you cross the official 'start' line (think long rubbery mat) and it picks up your time as you pass over several mats along the way. the race stops when you cross that final mat!) i think karl was pretty pleased with his time. he wanted to break 2:10 and he did. YEA! now he might take a break. er, not. he is really looking for his next race. ADDICT.

as for that last picture down there, i put it up to share with you a little bit of runner's etiquette. these ladies took the cake of poor runner's etiquette for the weekend. so i took their picture. i don't know who they are, but they should know better. shame on you ladies! what was their fault? they were, shown here, "running" with the less than 8:00 minute mile group. do these ladies look like they will be putting out eight minute miles for 26.2 miles? NO. this photo is at the start and they aren't even actually running. (which is great - walkers are awesome! anyone who participates is awesome!) BUT you line up for a race according to your pace group. please don't make people who are seriously competing for time run around a group of walkers who like to be in the front. line up with your race pace. please and thank you. (also goes for 5Ks, 10ks, and, well, really any race. nothing more annoying than having to fight your way around people in that early break out shuffle). rant over.

we also hung out with fam and saw the cardinals (pics to follow). additionally, i have belly pics, fruit (oh, it's funny), baby pool updates and fabric on the way this week. stay tuned.

27 weeks, 3 days


Jennifer said...

CONGRATS KARL!!! Good job!

can't wait to see your belly tonight kat!

Susan said...

Amen about the runner's ettiquette (sp?).

Matty D said...

Well done Karl!

Take a look at this one:


Elizabeth Spann said...

Hoooooray Karl, you're doing such a good job! ;)

PS, I have no idea what you're talking about with the etiquette. One of these days I just might sign up for something, ya know.