27 week belly pics from baby's first cards game

these are the 27 week belly pics you get! (sorry for the low resolution images - my camera died the second i took it out so i had to use my phone. boo.) it was a beautiful day for a game - i must say i miss the old stadium, but MAYBE only because it is just that: old. i have now been to several games in 'the new' and, well, it's pretty nice. PLUS, the weather was GORGEOUS and the seats were in the sun. and dad ALMOST caught a foul ball. (bounced off his hand). AND the concession stand dude gave me free nachos "for the baby." (like i needed them with my hot dog!) oh, AND, THEY WON and are off to a great start for the season. (side note: i never realized that pujols was our age. seems like he has been playing forever. really, the majority of the team was around our age or younger. i guess we have been in our careers for years, so it makes sense, but still!)

more family pics to follow. not to tease but MY FABRIC GOT HERE YESTERDAY and it even dreamier than i imagined. nora kate/bridget kathleen/imogen/anna/lorelei/hayes/eliot/gabe/reid (price matheney robus) HILLS is going to love it. er, love throwing up on it?

27 weeks, 4 days


Maria said...

Baby and Momma are looking good!

Leah Billings said...

You guys look cute! I can't wait to visit STL again to see my brother this summer. It's such a fun city.

You're killing me with fabric anticipation. No more teasing please. :)

Susan said...

Those pics are great for a phone. Mine are real grainy. Anyhow, baby does definitely need nachos and hot dog! You and I are both suckers for nostalgia. I miss Ray Winder but haven't been to the new Stephens stadium yet. On the list of things to plan, be on the lookout for an email regarding that. Anyhow, it is crazy watching college football and thinking "I'm older than them!" Still hasn't sunk in that I grew up! When did it happen, was I there?!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Mmmmmmm nachos.

Wait a sec, did you eat them???? Chips... nachos?? Are you cured? Baby is liking it now??


Anonymous said...

Aw... CUTE! Do you have randoms touching your tummy yet? That would weird me out. Just sayin..

I want to see fabric! You're a tease. ;)Well...guess not b/c you're all pregnant and stuff...

Gah.. I'm funny!

Love love, hottie mama!

brooke knight said...

hey! you're like, pretty pregnant, huh!

that looks like it was a beautiful day for a ball game! glad you guys were able to go to stl!

Anonymous said...

lorelei...hmmm...are you worried at all that your baby girl will be a fast-talker?

Anonymous said...

This is, BY FAR, my fav!!!
Love it! You are looking great!
Not too much longer,girlie!

Lauryl Lane said...

oh my god you are the cutest thing ever in that shirt. EVER. and i am in love with the names Nora and Imogene. In love.