spring has sprung

this morning: first day i didn't have to wear a coat or jacket on my morning trek from the car to the office!

ten minutes later: check weather. it's going to be about 80 today.

five minutes later: find out the AC is, like, broke at the office.

I don't care! I'll take it. And appreciate it.

sign me up for summer. makes a girl not want to sit in her office all day, eh?

25 weeks, 6 days (please note: 99 days to go - er, well, approximately)


Maria said...

I love the weather... hate that my allergies are out of control...

the day's said...

now if you are serious about the need for tank tops i'm your gal...so email me and let me know if you want my small\some medium sized capri\summer prego wardrobe.