friday fruit

i forgot to post my friday fruit for week 24. ono is now an ear of corn. yum, that sounds good. (s)he weighs roughly 1 pound. taste buds are developing. (read: must eat what baby says!)

speaking of corn, aparant-leee, (on GMA this morning) it is in everything and making us fat. sweet. one more thing to add to 'THE LIST' (of things wrong with the world!).

happy weekend! goal: RELISH my time off this weekend. and pluck my eyebrows.

(p.s. pregnancy has done some weird things to my hair. like, i don't have to wash it. ever. i washed it tonight for the first time since TUESDAY. and it has stopped growing on my legs. but started growing on my stomach. it's all bizarre. and like half of the hair on my head fell out in the first trimester - no complaints there; i have a crapload of hair. i don't even pretend to understand these things. long, shiny pregnancy locks have eluded me. maybe i will just cut it off. who wants to give me a mom haircut? HAHAHA. that's not really funny, actually.)

24 weeks


Susan said...

My hairdresser said he won't do drastic haircuts on pregnant or postpardom women cause they're hormones are out of whack and might come after him later. Smart man!

Lauryl Lane said...

leave your hair alone!!! also, even if you don't technically have to wash your hair... shouldn't you still wash it, just for hygienic purposes? i mean, you don't want to catch a scalp infection or anything that might somehow compromise the baby's health. ;)

Elizabeth Spann said...

You crack me up.