LOOK! I took this picture!! Sometimes working for THE PRESS is fun b/c you get an excuse to go spend your afternoon, camera in hand, watching teams gear up for first round play of the NCAA March Madness Tournament! (after you have spent the last week feverishly working to produce an extra special NCAA publication and web!)

Here is my fame: Arkansas Sports 360 Blog AND your place to go for NCAA Coverage! ;)

it's a beautiful, gorgeous day in the rock, and we walked over to the Arena where all the games will be taking place to watch Miami and Texas' open practices. (well, the games slated for LR - yes, Little Rock! got some games!). Karl and I have tix for a second round game on Sunday and possibly scored some for Friday night.

i have preggo news also (nothing big just an update!); i will update tomorrow with my Friday Fruit. It's a good one (the fruit).

24 weeks, 6 days


Maria said...

You're famous!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Soooo cool! I love the tourney!!! Did you see the Duke game? Ahhh the underdogs were soooo close. I love cheering for the underdogs. Nothing like a good upset! love love

Sarah said...

matt probably wishes he were married to you right about now. he is mad about the madness too. me? not so much.
but you already knew that.

i'm ready for our fruit whenever you are baby.

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