especially good if you have seen juno

i have nothing pertinent to say about the presidential race 08. that is that boys and girls. enjoy the song.

i have been having a great week - jenny and her parents were in Little Rock and they graciously took me to Cirque du Soleil (yes, in little rock!). It was pretty sweet though my heart almost dropped out of my chest a few times. crazy trapeze artists swinging from the ceilings. it was a fantastic show.

last night karl benched one of the kids on his team (well, the other coaches team as he was filling in for another coach) last night and i was very proud. basically the kiddo lost his temper and there was a technical foul involved.... karl pulled him right out and didn't let him go back in the rest of the game (it was a
very intentional foul). Thumbs up, coach. Church league is not for fighting, right? Got to have some sportsmanship! What an upstanding man i have married. (good father material, really. man, our kid is lucky! haha!)

work blows this week. for many, many reasons.

it is supposed to snow tonight and, for once, i think it actually might do so. we might ACTUALLY have a legit snow day tomorrow.

more preggo news and pics tomorrow. i think ono might be going thru a little growth spurt b/c i have been extra ti-ti this week. sleep is good.

22 weeks, 6 days


Susan said...

I saw the Juno girl sing this song (the real version) to Barbara Walters during an interview. Barb was like, "I don't get it!"

Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

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