the marathon that shalt not be mentioned

so the warm weather and the lingering illness didn't make for the greatest race ever. however, karl finished and we are all happy. well, we are all recovering anyway. he isn't feeling so hot. i'm not feeling so hot. happy marathon day! arlo was a great companion and cheerleader... he was calm and collected the whole time - though he did try and take off after karl a few times.

yea karl! thanks to everyone who cheered him on - in spirit or in person. sorry if we haven't answered your calls this afternoon - sometimes recovery means turning off the phones.

normal sunday belly pics will be delayed until later this week. baby ono is very happy and proud today.

22 weeks, 2 days


Anonymous said...

twenty six point two. holy moly macaroly. great job, karl

Jennifer said...

CONGRATS KARL!!! The Munsells are proud of you!!

Megan said...

Yaay, Karl. Those are great pics, Kat! I love your doggies.

Maria said...

Yowsers! Yeah Karl!!!

Lauryl Lane said...

aw, sorry you guys aren't feeling well. kudos for karl finishing the race despite. get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Karl. You sir, are a rockstar.

Jax said...

YAY KARL! Thanks for taking pics, Kat. :) I look forward to belly shots. Hm..that's an idea.. shots off your belly (the alcohol kind)... Maybe not. This is why I cant have kids yet.

Anyway, hope you both feel better..and yes, this monday is SHIT-TASTIC so far.

jennifer said...

Congrats Karl! I even like how you had enough energy to smile for pictures! Good job!

Stacia said...

Arlo you better sit still!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Way to go, Karl! We are so proud! PS, I heard a rumor that it's *actually* 26.4 miles! Word on the street so they can end at the River Market...

Susan said...

What?! Roxy didn't get to go? That's just not fair!

hehe....jk....maybe she wouldn't be so "calm and collected"?

Sarah said...

eeewww...sorry you guys have not been well. feel better! and congrats karl!

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