this is what 1-4 inches looks like in little rock

hardee-har-har, weather man.

took this photo on my way in to work this morning. no snow day for us. (can't speak for the other no-shows in my office!) there are some flakes coming down; but it is also 36 degrees. this morning they said there might be "another" three to four inches today in lr. correct me if i am wrong but don't you have to have something on the ground to add "another" few inches?!?!? i don't get it people. GO TO WORK.

on a happy note, here is a nugget of internet goodness: CLICK HERE! (warning: it is six minutes long and about safe sex; pictures of condoms are shown in this very strange and entertaining indian psa. and you might be humming the tune for the rest of the day).

23 weeks EVEN!


Lauryl Lane said...

oh, sorry! that sucks, i know you were counting on that snow day.... pooey.

the day's said...

i'm a native...and i feel the EXACT same way. did you know they even predicted 6" in north pulaski county? poopoohead weatherman!

Sarah said...

wow! i cannot believe you are already six months preggers!!!!

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