the entertaining bending habits of pregnant women

i am looking a little larger - it's funny how you spend so much time wishing for a baby belly and then you are like WHOA slow it down. that being said, i still feel pretty small and comfortable. though i have been insatiably hungry the past few days. trying to eat good things - doing an okay job. i thought it would be fun to share a few pictures of the interesting bending and snapping movements i have going on. i know this is what i look like when i do squats in my step class and it makes me giggle.

i tried to find a 'fun fact' about development and growth for you guys to go "ewww" about. instead, i found this tidbit ("MOM TIP!" is what it was titled) that made me snort milk out of my nose.

"Some expectant mothers wear a bell on their tummy. Thus, the baby becomes familiar with a happy tinkling sound along with the noise of the bowels and the beating of his mother's heart."

DEAR GOD. that is wrong in so many ways. who are these "some expectant mothers"? are they seriously comparing bells and bowels as similar happy sounds? and how do you tie this bell on you? do you wear it all day - to work, to bed? wouldn't it just jingle every time you moved? I DON'T GET IT. it makes me have mental pictures of moms tinkling bells furiously in front of their screaming newborns in a desperate attempt to soothe them. Karl says he is going to buy me a cow bell. DREAM BIG!

that being said, onofre has been moving around a lot in there. i thought i would feel more relaxed when the baby started moving around. but, really, i just think, 'is (s)he moving enuf? too little? too much on one side?" hahaha. i wonder silly little things like that. then i eat some pineapple and ono goes crazy jumping around and what not. the increasing consistency of movement makes me smile. kick away. i love soccer players.

the weekend is almost over. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. why do they go so fast?

23 weeks, 2 days


mere said...

and where would said bell hang on mummy? interesting. Beware of any "tips" that end in an exclamation point. squating or not, you still look adorable. way to use those legs!

Maria said...

LOL! If someone had tried to put a bell on me, I would have hit them!

BTW-- you're in that adorable pregnant stage! I love it!

sasspot said...

wow!!!! it's really changed. i can tell such a difference. you look tooooooo darn cute.

Jax said...

You're adorable. Just FYI. ADORABLE. And, um.. no bells. But, that would be awesomely hilarious... but.. yeah.. no bells.

Stacia said...

A BELL? o my that is funny, but no don't try it. YOu look precious!

Susan said...

Ahh...the art of preggo bending. By the time you get real big, you'll be able to wear flip flops, no bending required to put on!

Anonymous said...

Sheehan's new blog

clif, somer, vivian, & bauer said...

ahhh....bending...i'm with su, stick to the flip flops that last month!

Chandle said...

I think putting a bell on your stomach is crazy talk. I concurr, who are these expectant mothers?

You look great!

pennythequeen/queeniep said...

i listen to classical music to make the Sheehan boys smart and calm... the smart part worked!

Elizabeth Ross said...


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