playing softball in the rain is the best

saturday included a double header with the old ABPG softball team (karl & i both played) - my first game of the season (we won the first, lost the second - close game though!) it rained pretty much the whole time, and i must admit, i love playing sports in the rain. (well, when it is warm and there is no lightning anyway! i think i remember one time playing a soccer tournament (back in the day) in the snow and i don't remember that being very pleasant) the field was dirty and muddy, we got dirty and muddy: it was fun. i didn't have to pitch (yea! the pressue!)... but i did catch (and get hit in the head with the ball!). Pretty much I played like crap. The above pics - Mark on deck & posing for the camera and me and Pirnique covered in mud and rain! Don't we look pretty!?!? I sure felt pretty... well, alive anyway!


Angela said...

I LOVE softball in the rain (as long as I didn't have to pitch). Looks fun!

Anonymous said...

Kat and Karl,
We need you back on the ABPG team. You guys were the best!

Anonymous said...

jr has been dying to find a softball team. i have never played. looks like fun!

Sarah said...

you are TUFF! i would never make it through a softball game in the sunshine, don't even through rain into the equation. i am a delicate woos.

Anonymous said...

i am afraid of the ball

Megan said...

Did Mark get a home run?

Sarah said...


Susan said...

Awww...wish I could play. I miss softball and just plain physical activity.

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