well the weekend is here! what to do, what to do. I DON't EVEN KNOW YET. I just know

Doesn't he look so natural?!!? HAHAH. Karl and Little Setler - his first newborn, newborn holding experience. Mine too. HAHAH - yeah right! his little head smelled so yummy.

june = summertime = blogosphere kat gets all scatterbrainy! congrats to jax on her new job!


Jax said...

HOORAY!! THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT!! Love love!!!! Miss you. Seriously! I cant wait to see you in all my employment glory for Jenny's partay. ;)

melissa said...

wow i need some of whatever you're on right now. :)

Anonymous said...

so then you are guys are next right???

Elizabeth Spann said...

I have to say that looks strangely natural.

Lauryl Lane said...

cute. very cute. but please please don't get baby fever yet. seriously.

Sarah said...

at first i thought it was your own kid! he looks like a pro!

cannot wait til this weekend.

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