my background was a sunset and i rocked a side pony

I have a list of The Serious to blog about (including - but not limited to - are we going to have more babies? what do I  think of aurora, colorado? what are some of my favorite apps right now? AND is being a soccer mom fantastic or no?)  (I know.  You can hardly wait to hear them ALL, right?  Right?!)  Unfortunately, instead of writing any thing other than a 'blogging topics list', I've been wasting time (where else?) on Pinterest.  

And, sometimes, I find a funny on the internet and I keep on going back to it to giggle over and over and over again.  And, occasionally, I find it SO entertaining that I can't resist the blog-share.  

Like so:   

Raise your hand if your school provided such AMAZING backgrounds for picture day.   


jennifer said...

Lasers for life!!!

brooke knight said...

I had the lazers - we didn't get a choice. I wore a hot pink mock turtleneck sweater. JEALOUS?

the day's said...

oh dear friend, why i have i been on a blog hiatus? you rock my world...and i mean laser-like rock. LOVE it!!!