a tale of two moms

These came with Nate's bristle block set.  I'm pretty sure the company intended this to be a mom and a dad (a boy child, a girl child and a dog also came with the set.  clearly.)  but, in Nate's world, they are two mommies (one family) when we play.

Which is awesome and a great time to talk to him about judgement and loving everyone, right?

Except I don't.

I just play with him like it is a normal, everyday thing in some people's worlds. 

Because it is. 

(This post in response to "Chick-Fil-a Day" which I am SO, SO confused about - free speech?! anti-gay?! appreciation?!  jesus?!  NO ONE EVEN KNOWS.)

Edited to add: I do love my friend John's comments suggesting that it's a rather trivial and convenient way for 'Chick-fil-A Christians' (HA!) to express their, uh, super unclear cause.  Though, maybe in some people's worlds, Jesus, perhaps, really does just want an 8-count with fries and a Coke (ahem).


Aubrey said...

Quick story:

The first time we watched Beauty and the Beast Ella was appalled that Gaston would want another wife. I thought she was referring to the three buxom blondes that comprised Gaston's cheering section when Ella stated matter-of-factly, "You CANNOT marry lots of wives, Mommy. Gaston's REAL wife is that little man-wife."

Apparently multiple wives are NOT okay [in the eyes of my wee anti-Mormon daughter] but same-sex marriages are 100% A-ok [what do you expect from someone raised by liberals?!].

erniebufflo said...

I love this. And Nate. And you.

Lauryl Lane said...

love this. sammy and i often discuss how best to raise our future kids so that gay marriage doesn't even have to be an issue to discuss. most of our friends are gay, our kids god-parents will be one of our gay couple-friends, so i *think* that should do the trick, but if you have other thoughts/ideas, i'd love to hear them! xo

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