quick nerd post :: five things

So, clearly, I love all things nerdy and archivey.  Let's make it a sport: EXTREME ARCHIVING.  (Mostly photographic and blog-like in nature.)  I haven't written a nerd-post about apps and the internet and the whatnot in a while, so, uh, here you go.  Also, this post is going to have a lot of links.  Deal with it.  (Good intro paragraph, right?  Sigh.  I promise I'll try harder.)  

Here are some things I'm into lately: 
1. Instagram.  I still love it.  You can find me - kat22stl.  To see some of my recent IG's go here.   I promise you don't want to miss such hilariousness as this 'Thug Life' photo. (I mean, if you recall, we did accidentally name our first child after a rapper.  He's just, apparently, living out that dream.) 

damn it feels good to be a gangsta. danjahandz hills.

Anyway, most of you are probably pretty familiar with Instagram (especially since it is now on both iPhone and Android devices), but last week I decided to make my IG's come to life.  With some help.   (I also REALLY like to make my internet-nerdiness print-nerdiness.) I found this site: www.stickygram.com and they helped make my dream come true.  (Just don't tell Karl I spent $45 on magnets, k?) 

They came today (when recieved, I CLEARLY took a photo of them on the fridge and Instagrammed it.  I know, sick.) The magnets are about the size the photos look on your phone and definitely worth every penny.  Thus far, they have made me smile each time I pass the fridge.  Also, if you care, they shipped lightning quick.  I will possibly be spending another $45 in magnets someday soon.  Don't tell Karl.  (Wait, did I say that already?) (Surely your magnet budget is upward of $90/year, no?)  

You ARE welcome. 

2. Viddy.  It's an app and a website (viddy.com).  It's like Instagram.  But with 15-second videos (you can add filters and music).  I made this one of NK.  I'm not that into it yet.  But, perhaps, I could be?  I do take random iPhone videos.  Mostly, I think maybe I need more friends to join?  Ahem. 

3. my365. Also an app and a website (http://my365.in/).  Ya'll know I tried Project365 thing - somewhat successfully - and this makes it easier.  There are several of these apps out there; I just happened to stumble on this one.  Which happens to be made by a Japanese company.  Which happens to make me REAL happy.  (I am addicted to looking at the newly posted photos from my, uh, friends.  See look?  Photos of CATS!  FOOD!  and, uh, 1988 wristbands?!?  (Read: random ass things we photograph.)  Honestly, I didn't want to tell you about this app b/c I didn't want a bunch of your American photos clogging up my feed.  K teases me endlessly about my photo friends but it really makes me smile when hanachan0121 and daikinikki 'heart' my photos.  I have NO IDEA what to do with these photos or if there is a point to uploading one per day but I keep doing it.  (Honestly, I do the whole week or so in one night from my iPhone photo library). 

4. Path (iPhone app).  This is verging into super-geeky territory BUT I do love Path.  It's sort of a beautifully-designed combination of several things - location-based, photos, status, music.... but more intimate than the bookface.  I'm not going to delve into it too deeply (if you are interested, find it.) 

5.  Blog makeover/cleanup.  This IS happening.  This place is out of control.  (And if I'm going to declutter every other space in my life, then I must declutter here as well.) 

Honestly, I feel a little bit like this post makes me look like I stare at my little screen all day and night but I promise I don't.  Mostly, I save it for pre-bed bedtime.  I even have some serious rules when I'm home with the little people - the phone (as a general rule) goes in the other room.  Except, of course, when I need to TAKE A PHOTO.  Hmmmmm perhaps I am in need of an intervention. 


Aubrey said...

Danjahands Hills. Beyond awesome.

Love those magnets. I could pretty easily see myself working that into the annual budget.

Thanks for sharing!

Desperately Seeking Gina said...

I love your nerdiness!

The Photo Goo said...

Love Nora's cigar ;)

Kate said...

thanks for blowing my magnet budget by like 1000%. I've gotta look into those.