mama mama mama

speaking of moms... 

i have one.

she turned 60 this year.

way back in may.

in my effort to support the post office, i gathered sixty (60!) cards from her family and friends and mailed her one a day starting in mid march.

we received the cards here in arkansas (mostly via the mail) and then nate and i decorated 60 envelopes and re-mailed them to her.  (Post office support yo!)  Nate drew special pictures and words and used a lot of star wars stickers on the numbered envelopes which added additional giggles to the project. 

she saved them on this key ring. 

it.  was.  awesome. 

(and worth all the time and effort.)


Andrea said...

Great idea, Kat!

Andrea said...

I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to copy this idea for both my mother and father. Great, touching idea. :)