i'm on a boat (for 8 hours with a 4yo and 9mo). help?

When Karl asked me if I wanted to rent a boat and take the kids to the lake (all day) I said (as you all can imagine) 'Hell no.  Absolutely not.'  And then HE WORE MY RESISTANCE DOWN (file this under/see also: the enormous, mounted TV in our bedroom after an EXPLICIT NO TV IN THE BEDROOM RULE from me.) (See also: convincing me my four year old child (then 3) is 'ready' to ride something called 'The Cyclone' at our local water park.  FTR, Nate loves waterslides.  THANKS KARL.) 

He's subtle in his persistence.   See, in our relationship, he's the spender and the, uhhhh, non scardey cat (I wouldn't go as far to call him a daredevil; he's just has more drive to get out and try new activities than I do.  Particularly with kids in tow.). It's no wonder the kids love him best.   He takes them to New Activities! AND buys them ice cream after. 

(Don't worry, it's in our marriage contract that he 'gets' to teach both the kids to drive. They'll be lucky if I get in the car with them.  Ever.) 

ANYWAY (veered way off there) I reluctantly agreed to boat.   

Mostly, I was worried about NK's naptimes but she was a trooper.  

Her first nap looked like this:  (Sad, right?) 

And her 2nd was like this:  

Ladies of Luxury. 

Neither were fantastic but it is what it is.  Keeping that life jacket on for 8 hours was NOT an option.  (We were with some friends and stopped often to eat and swim.)

Additionally, we did a little tubing.  Clearly.


I want to point out here that I adore tubing and was only a LITTLE (read: ohmygodithurts) sore after flying off this thing into the lake.   (But oh so fun; next time we ski!)

Nate was pretty unsure of swimming in the lake and WAY less sure about tubing in it.  But someone (ME! ME! ME!) convinced him he could try it and he did. 

All in all, not a bad little adventure.


Maria said...

My favorite is the picture of NK nursing. <3

melissa said...

i'll never get over the sleeping-in-a-life-jacket picture. frame that puppy :)i NEW ACTIVITIES

brooke knight said...

We have a very similar marital arrangement: I say no, He wears me down over a period of time. Often I have to concede that he was right. That part's the worst.

katandkarl said...

@brooke - so true.

Aubrey said...

Oh man I miss the lake! Seeing as how they have never been tubing or slept in a life jacket, I am forced to conclude that my kids are missing out on all things summer. :)

Kate said...

WOW! What an adventure. You are a trooper.

And btw, I'd pretty much give up all my months of bf'ing all 3 of these kids just for one bf'ing photo of myself as sweet as that one of you and NK! So adorable.