Retreat 2007

the annual company retreat happened my first week back - how lucky is that? this year we were in heber springs, arkansas on greers ferry lake. we had a two day conference, some golf playing (we were the only girl team and pretty loud on the course...oops. we tended to get excited after good hits! luckily, it was only other people from work on the course and they just laughed at us).

hole #2 was my favorite.... it is the top picture. the tee was on a bluff and you could see straight out to the lake! oh, and, it was only like 150 yards of the ball floating through the air. it was the only hole we almost made par. please note i said almost! we played the front nine (well i think we wound up playing like six since it was taking us a little long!) good times, good times.

retreat is always a good time. the beer comes out, the hair gets let down.... it's quite fun to see your co workers that way. good way to get to know them and all that!


Paul Knight said...

hahaha. ps i love your bermuda shorts- i have a pair kinda like that and they are my favorite article of clothing because they are so comfy!

Paul Knight said...

wait that was me, brooke, not paul. obviously.

Susan said...

Who are the girls? I recognize you and Audra of course, but the others. Wish I could have been there. Retreat is the only thing I've missed though I have to admit. Hey, call me about dinner next week. How's Tuesday instead of Monday sound?