Susan, Seth, & Setler

Um.. hello little Setler! Knock, Knock. Come outta there! We had dinner with Su and Seth and baby Setler last night. Yummmmmmmmmmmm. It was delish and little man Mulhearn is ready to come out. I just know it! I want to know who will win the baby pool! Definately not me - my mom, linda, was due with me - baby kathleen (or brian or kevin or matthew if i was a boy! they didn't know.) on May 26th (also my mom linda's bday) but i was obviously May 4th - so i picked May 4 in the Mulhearn baby pool; alas it has passed! If you didn't get to participate in the baby pool for Baby Setler please leave your time of birth, date of birth, and baby weight in the comment section. She is currently 1 cm dialated and 80% effaced - whatever that means! ;)

hopefully we will have pics from the hospital soooooooon!


Megan said...

Kat I forgot which day and time Charlie & I bet on for Setler to get here. Can you remind me please? I think I said one day next week.

melissa said...

who's charlie?

melissa said...

ha! i'm an idiot. i thought that was my megan. please disregard. and i say june 1st.

Stacia said...

I am going to say May 23rd~ 7lbs 4oz and 19 inches long

Susan said...

June 1st is a full moon, so.....I'd really rather him come earlier, but if he doesn't.....Guys, help me be strong cause next week the Doc wants to discuss "our options"...as in inducing. I REALLY don't want to but am falling into temptation to get him here! Meg, I have the poster. Ya'll said May 22 at 7 p.m., 8 lbs.

Sarah said...

she is so cute preggers.

Angela said...

she looks adorable!

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