lost in conference land...

i am lost. in. conference. land.

today i had the following problems at my conference:

  • My morning food order was short.
  • My AV was HORRID and the speakers PowerPoint slides were ITTY BITTY.
  • Everytime the conference center messed with the lights in the adjacent room it was like a freaking disco club in my room.
  • The Peabody would not let me bring in the bottled water that was part of the sponsorship package for one our vendors. Instead, they charged $3.50 for the EXACT same bottle from the EXACT same company. That is $3.50 before taxes and gratuity. And let me tell you about tax and grat at the peabody - it's hefty!
  • The adjacent room was host to a rotary club luncheon event that played the loudest and most annoyingly rotary-riffic music ever that carried thru the walls while the keynote speaker was speaking during our lunch. (not. good.) i mean how do you fix that??!?!? i can't just sound proof the walls on a dime and I certainly didn't schedule the other luncheon!
  • My brown wedges = no longer conference shoes = swollen ankles.
  • I got up at like 5, was at work at like 6 and got home at like 6 (p.m.). This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to do it all over again tomorrow... and Thursday.

I might die! But I am verrrrrrry excited about my Thursday seminar (it's at the Clinton Library!) and all and all things - though crazy - are actually going pretty well overall... sorry if you don't get quick email responses or phone calls from me!


Elizabeth Spann said...

Word! I hear that! I love working 12 and 13 hour days too! I've done it this week too! Awesome.

brooke knight said...

eff you, peabody- and your adorable ducks!

hope today goes bettah!

the gloria family said...

we miss you. good luck with everything. i hope we get to hang out soon.

Stacia said...

Just DON'T wear the brown shoes again!! ANd better luck tomorrow!

Susan said...

I saw a shirt at JC Penney's just now that said, "Nobody cares about your blog." I could just see you in it. Too bad your birthday isn't soon.

Anonymous said...

kat and karl!!! it's melissa haney, your favorite yankee. you know, the 19th was my birthday. where was my call? :)