WOW!! We did a lot of touristy things. At first I was worried about looking too touristy and well, small town, but EVERYONE had maps and there were toursits everywhere especially on a holiday weekend! so i just gave in to it! the weather was great (excluding saturday when it rained from morning to night and we got soaked running around!)
Some highlights:
- sitting on top of the bus and taking the hop-on and hop-off tour thru both uptown and downtown
- the producers (broadway musical)
- the Met and MOMA
- Central Park (quite possibly my favorite thing about the whole trip - just the concept of it is so wonderful
- Ground Zero (not much there even five years later)
- Riding the SUBWAY. I found this cheapo and fun. Do you think LR will get public transport like that any time soon?
- Millions of different places and faces!
- THE FOOD! We spent way too much money on food. Oh well!
There are lots of pics! We tried not to go too overboard with the camera! (Trust me I have MORE!)

On a side note, the one thing that was annoying was people's faces when we told them we were from arkansas. i guess i never have really gotten the FULL on perception of the Natural State on the East Coast. It was somewhat ridiculous. We are smart and educated and have jobs and money and own homes and cars. (hello we function just like they do... possibly better!?!?!) I mean what do they freaking think? One of 'them' I told I was originally from Missouri and they were then ok.... somehow being from one state up *yankee town* made it all okay.


care said...

you don't get much better looks for being from oklahoma. dude, they think we still use the pony express. no joke.

looks like you had fun. thanks for your picture comments! :)

Stacia said...

Great pics! Glad you enjoyed your trip.

Susan said...

That pic is post-card worthy!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Hooooooooray for pics, booo for snotty east coasters. ha ha

the gloria family said...

yea, pictures!

who cares what those guys think?

we do need some sort of subway or metro. i rode the one in atlanta and fell in love with that mode of transportation.

mr. mups said...

hey katie ! glad to hear you had a great time !
happy anniversary !

Carol said...

Yes being from Texas...I once was asked...Do you ride your horse to school?...I was in high school. I mean really people!

If sounds like you had a blast! See you next weekend! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Yes, when i tell people in Florida that I'm from Oklahoma they're like, "oh, that's (whatever: primitive, gross, unfortunate)" and I'm like, "oh sure, you guys have waaaay fewer rednecks here."

Leah Billings said...

Pics = so much fun! I'm living vicariously through the apparently fab time that you two had in NYC cause lord knows I'm not gonna be able to take any sort of real vacation any time soon. So glad you liked the city. Did you guys make it to Rosa Mexicano??