Sorry this picture is ugly!

I just accidentally deleted my whole blog entry so I am rewriting and it can’t possibly be as funny as the first time b/c now I am pissy!

  1. Happy Birthday BAknight. You are an old lady. Normally Ms. Knight likes to say 10 Days till my birthday 10 days out and so on and so forth until the very day of her birth celebration. She did not do that this year so I must do it for her! I think it is because she is apprehensive about her aging OBLS.
  2. Ms. Wacqueline Wells – ATTORNEY at LAW. Congrats! Let’s start rehearsing for your commercials!
  3. Ms. Susan Day Mulhearn is celebrating her last week as an ABPG employee! Congrats to her! The ABPG Alumnae is an elite crew and cultural phenomenon! HH tonight!
  4. Homecoming = this weekend. Word. (insert sigh of happiness). Karl is playing the annual KA actives vs. alum game Saturday morning while I will be drinking a beer and setting up a tent. TU will be playing at 6 p.m. and they might even be (gasp) sold out.
  5. Karl ran 5 miles on Sunday and I am very happy for him. I am also very annoyed because it is supposed to be ME that is good at running and working out because HE is better than ME at everything else. Sigh. Please give him a slap on the booty (congratulatory sports slap on the booty) for me since my own booty has been glued to my couch for the past two months.
  6. People are moving in and out of houses all around the nation and I am very happy for all of them (and extra (selfishly) happy that we don’t have to help any of them move!)

Lots of changes, Max, Lots of Changes. There are many other things going on but these are the six that I chose for today, Tuesday, September 12, 2006: Brooke’s Birthday.

P.S. Go see Little Ms. Sunshine!


Sarah said...

i want to see the sunshine movie, but of course, it is not playing in a theater near me, as i live in stoolwater.

brooke knight said...

my comment just got deleted. just like your blog.

1) i think that picture is cute
2)do not mistake not giving a shit about my birthday this year for apprehension about my old balls. i am fully aware of their sagginess.
3)CHIPS AND SALSA! clap! clap!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Happy berfday Brooke!! Ehhh, they're not that old. :)
Nice post, Miss Kat. Happy happy.

Anonymous said...

b - yes my blog is very hungry today eating posts and comments.

s - little miss was only at one theater - the theater i abhor - so it was a sacrifice to get me there.

e - yes i thought after the horrid sickly dramatic ingrate attitude i have been carrying with me for the past 5 days i should aim for lighter things!

Susan said...

me=one of your 6
my feelings=warm and fuzzy

Not as warm and fuzzy as we're going to feel after HH tonight though! Woohoo! Bring on pizza and beer.

P.S. This=my 2nd attemp to comment since you're blog just had a 3rd helping of words.

Lauryl Lane said...

i miss you. alot. more posts and more pics, please! and i'm ready to cry about not being at homecoming this year. hollywood is grand, but i miss my friendsis lots and lots.

Leah Billings said...

Will you guys please kidnap me and take me with you to Tulsa this weekend so that I don't have to take my biochem test on Monday? When they eventually find me I promise I won't press charges...

Have a blast!

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