wanna dress you up in my love

now i understand why mommas dress up their children and take pictures of them.

how adorable is this sleep sack? (and useful! nate is napping in it RIGHT NOW!)

aunt kristy was in town this week. she likes nate.

blake is here for the weekend to visit his parents. he likes nate too.

we played SCRABBLE last night. (and i won somehow!)

crap. i just heard some funky noises coming from the direction of nate's swing (which he is in; i swear the swing makes him GO). i forsee a diaper change, um, right now.

babies let out some massive gaseous noises, right? having a boy baby somehow makes this seem ok. (is that weird?) i mean, what would i do if i had a sweet little girl? karl says SURELY i never passed gas or had dirty diapers when i was a child. i agreed. roses, people, roses.

oh, AND, check this out!

it's kind of WRONG and AWESOME all at the same time. they are 'milk screens' strips to test your breast milk for alcohol content. so i guess you pump after you drink and dip the stick in there to test it! so nate can't get wasted when mommy has a few drinks. HA. honestly, i haven't had the urge to drink (except i did want a beer RIGHT after delivery! and we didn't have any beer in our house if you can believe that!) and honestly, if i had a drink or two i probably wouldn't worry too much. still, entertaining, right? who knew?

5 weeks, 1 day


melissa said...

1) i wanna dress YOU up in my love (all over your body).
2) that milk thing was invented for people like me. i have no children now, but when i do, i see that as HIGHLY useful.
3) onofre can be a nickname... adds a little ethnicity. i like it.
4) i miss you. for real.
5) if i was nursing a kid regularly, i would need that test kit right now. ha ha. : )

Sheehanigens said...

I need a strip to check my alcohol content after the bar...unfortunately I don't think that just because I have nipples I can be milked...

Megan said...

I love that little gown Nate has on. It's the kind with elastic or a drawstring at the bottom, right.

Chandle said...

How much do I love that milk thing! He does look adorable.

Maria said...

No need to pump. Those things just take a drop or two, so you could do it at the bar if you were really concerned. There was a post on another blog I read right after they came out. The good ol' if you feel tipsy, don't nurse works just as well. (and cost a lot less!) ;-)

I loved sleep sacks too. If The Boy wasn't walking, he'd still be wearing them. LOL!

Jennifer said...

I love him in the sleep sack....so cute!

Unknown said...

What a doll, Nate is!!!
He is getting big,girlie!
It flies by doesn't it?
Are you gonna be able to stay home with your lil' fella??

nene P said...

I used to drink a small glass of wine while breast feeding the boys. yikes they will crap out when they hear that. anyway its suppose to relax "the milk flow". So drink up girl! The boys turned out ok.

Nanna said...

Love it!! Yes, I still remember Matt had a yellow sleep sack and wore it until it hit his knees. I read your blog like the morning paper, it's so entertaining. You three are awesome.

Stacia said...

Love the sleep sack, growing like a weed!

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