yesterday was 105. (that is degrees F.) i JUST checked weather.com and it said "97. feels like 111." (AT 7 PM!!)

i want to use my kick-ass stroller and get some freaking exercise. but it. is. too. hot. to. take. a. one. month. old. outside. (for an extended period of time.) (i mean, seriously, i checked the temp when i was up feeding this morning at like 6 and it was already in the 80s!) hopefully i will be cleared for exercise this week at my 6 week post part vistit! ah, well, i still love the heat. maybe i will be cleared to swim as well. what else do you get cleared for at 6 week post partem? i guess you get the all clear to do anything you want and your uterus is no longer at risk of falling out! and we get to talk about birth control. NO IRISH TWINS please and thank you. (though, secretly, i think it would be cool, but, logically, rationally, mmm, not so much.)

nate survived his first get together (dare i say party?) at casa de hills this weekend to celebrate blake being in town. he slept most of the time and then entertained us with his old man faces & ways (eating, farting, dozing) for the rest of the evening. sheer amusement.

THIS is my favorite thing ever (of the day): CLICK HERE! I AM THE GREATEST PITCHER IN THE WORLD! it makes me happy! i hope smashed-naters-n-gravy has this attitude about life.

the cardinals need to STEP IT UP.

oh, and i ate a taco. (granted, it was taco beuno so not REAL mexican food. yet. baby steps.)

5 weeks, 3 days.


Jennifer said...

wow you'll be downing big mexican platters in no time!!!

Maria said...

Six weeks. You can have sex again. The mini-pill is an option, but monitor your supply. It didn't cause me any problems early on, but i know some women it does, and when I went back to it this summer, I had to stop.

P.S. The Boy now says "I farted." Be careful what you say in the presence of a toddler. Just giving you fair warning, so you can adjust your speech slowly. LOL!

Leah Billings said...

This heat is torture. I can't wait for fall.

I love that commercial. What a good way to smile.

brooke knight said...

i am so proud of you! "taco taco taco!"

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

jesus, mary and jospeh! NO IRISH TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

the heat makes me barf. seriously.

Anonymous said...

fyi it's world breast feeding week.