breastfeeding and freakshow toes

1. happy world breastfeeding week! if you know any ladies, that breastfeed, well, it's the week to talk about it and support it! i think i have complained enough about nate and my rough start to the breastfeeding world (STILL working on it, but, it has, in fact, gotten better. BUT i didn't believe anyone when they told me it got better. but it is. it still sometimes takes nater tater FOREVER to eat (drink?). and his latch isn't always perfect. and we can only 'eat' in like one or two positions. and we are still working with weaning from nipple shields (you don't want to know!) i can't wait till it becomes "second nature" but i must remind my impatient little self he is only 6 weeks old and we had a few bumps in the road, so we are both working toward the relationship so baby nate can have some delicious, nutritious, and free MILK. (why do they call it milk, really? it's not pasturized, it doesn't really look like cow's milk and it certainly doesn't taste like cow's milk! (HAHAHA. yea, i tried it.) (and, no, he is not really eating in that picture.)

looking back, i think i was too concerned with scheduling and him eating every 2-3 hours but really i should have just PUT HIM UP THERE all the time that first week or two and let him lead more than me. (and not pumped myself into having an oversupply that left me so swollen and engorged i could do nothing but cry in pain for a few days. and apply frozen cabbage leaves and/or other cold things.) but, hey, well, i was all sore AND a bit of the control freak in me took over (shock) and i really wanted to quantify everything that was 'going in' to my child. our society is # obsessed. (ME for SURE.)

to date, i have nursed in my car and at friends houses. i still feel nervous about public nursing. i might try the hooter hider for awhile. yep, the hooter. hider. it's a real product.

i would like to extend a special thanks to MARIA for supporting me and checking in with me these past few weeks - i hope i can do that for my future boobie mommies. it is much needed.

2. see that CHUNK starting on his legs in picture #2? i don't have a weight for you but he is getting bigger and loooooonger and chunkier. nothing like a chunky baby!

3. i like my men to have freakshow long toes. nate's feet look JUST like karls (whos toes look like my fingers!) it's bizarre to see yourself and your husband in this little person.

i have another fun post coming soon. stay tuned.

5 weeks, 6 days


Maria said...

It will become second nature...and first nature. :)

It's milk no matter where it comes from-- cow, horse, goat, human. I thought bm tasted sweeter than cow's milk. (yes, I tried it too.)

Thanks for the love. Remember-- magic tittie juice, it's what's for dinner! LOL! I have a shirt I should mail you. "I make milk. What's your superpower?"

I love how baby nater tot is rooting in that first picture. Yes, I noticed. you "got milk." he wants milk. a perfect match. :)

melissa said...

picture 3 = adorable. as a fellow long-toed individual, i must say that karl and baby boy hills look just precious with their big ol' matching feetsies.
p.s. this country is going to hell in a handbasket, and it's all because of the pound. : )

melissa said...

Lil' Nate is so freakin' cute! It's amazing how quickly they grow...he doesn't look like a newborn anymore. I better visit...soon.

Nice tank top btw :)

Elizabeth Spann said...

1. Your shirt is awesome.
2. We have been so proud, mama. You're doing an amazing job. You will become our Yoda when we all start doing this. Think of wise sayings. ;)
3. That toe picture made me laugh out loud. It's so cute how it's freakish yet so sweet cause he's looking up at his daddy.
4. I KNEW you'd try it. How could you not??
5. I'm visiting soon...!

Stacia said...

LOL Jacob has his dad's feet as well. It is very strange. You are doing great!

The Brockintons said...

OMG Nate has his daddy's toes. Karl has the longest toes ever.


Lauryl Lane said...

long toes are precious. actually, any baby toes are precious. nate's hair is so blond! i realize it's baby hair and will probably rub all off or something, but... were you and karl blond as babies?

Leah Billings said...

I must say that I am excited to one day recieve the advice and counsel from someone who appears to be already be a great mom. It kind of makes me want one right now....turning off those thoughts...absolutely can't have a baby until I finish school, oh yeah, and I guess I should get married first too....One day though you will be my mommie mentor.

Anonymous said...