happy arms for hugging!

big hugs to all our teacher friends who are going back or starting school this year.

nate and i have an appointment with kim, our midwife, tomorrow. so, we'll let you know how it goes.

i don't have anything terribly exciting to report.

have JUST NOW started to feel like a normal, functioning person again. kind of. 'they' (other parents) tell you it's hard to explain and MAN, it really is. i have never experienced anything as crazy, demanding, emotional (oh the tears!), and awesome (all at the same time) for such an extended period of time. i still can't believe YOU JUST GET TO KEEP A BABY once it comes out. unsupervised. no directional manual. ;)

i am ridiculously glad my maternity leave is 12 weeks and not 6. i can't imagine being back at work just yet. (if only b/c i leak through every shirt i put on.)

WOULD like to say (sorry all i talk about is nate) that karl and i have been big supporters of sleeping in our room (either in the pack n play or cosleeping). we didn't even put nate in his crib/nursery until two days ago. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? the little BUGGER loved his stupid crib. LOVED IT. he stretched out, kicked his little legs, flailed his little arms, smiled a few times, and proceeded to sleep FOR FIVE HOURS. so, his crib he will stay! (well, we can't resist bringing him to bed for an early morning cuddle! he's so far away across the hall!) he has gotten into SOMEWHAT of a nighttime routine.... i probably shouldn't type it for fear of jinxing myself. BUT he will eat around 11pm, then around 2-3, then around 5-6. Cross your fingers it stays that way for us for awhile! He is also nursing much better at night (former PROBLEM time) so it makes getting up with him almost seem, dare i say it, enjoyable. (i am going to laugh at how stupid that sounds when i re-read this at 3a.m.... as i have only had this 'enjoyable' feeling ONE NIGHT.) we don't really 'schedule' him at all - he wakes, eats, and sleeps on demand. i know many disagree with this 'method' but he really does seem to follow somewhat of a natural schedule... he naps in the morning and the afternoon, he is awake and alert a lot now during the day... i feel okay about it. scheduling can come later. though i do wish i could schedule his diapers as breast fed babies can have a BM (tee hee) EITHER ten times a day or ONCE every ten days. NICE RANGE THERE, right? TALK ABOUT STRESS/OBSESSION! (and THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS, i have officially broken my blog rule of never talking about baby poops (poopS with an 's' makes it sound more professional) on the blog. I AM SORRY! I will make up for it with more interesting and adult topics (oh la la) at a later date.)

6 weeks, 5 days


Angela said...

he's so stinking cute Kat!

Maria said...

Dare I say it? He is getting his "milk cheeks!" I LOVE it!!!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

cheers to you for the "laid back approach". i support that method whole-heartedly. it worked for both of my boys and i believe makes for a much happier baby and parents! your doing a fantastic job!!!


care said...

poop poop poop.


and? I like his octo-pirate. I tried to combine those words the other way and it sounded DIRTY.

Jennifer said...

ahh little nate...you are so cute! I can't wait to see you!

melissa said...

That picture makes me SMILE!

jennifer said...

What a cute little onesie! Wherever did you get such a thing!?

Susan said...

He gets cuter with every post. I love at this point how they really have their own distinct, unique "look" not just "baby." Precious. Need to see him in person again soon. Call me!
Lovin' the onesie!

The Brockintons said...



Chandle said...

He looks so much like Karl, and that little shirt, love it.

Sarah said...

i'm long, mom.
for reals.
your breast milk does my body good.