two showers

When I tell you THE PREGNANCIES have infiltrated our circle, I don't mean it lightly!

This weekend we/I attended two showers (one of which I helped host but not at my house - yeow!). One was Saturday for TWINS daylee and hayes and one was Sunday for BABY GIRL sadie kate.

Here is pretty mama Su, round and gorgeous with two little aliens inside. (And her son Setler showing his tummy as well.)
Here are a few images from the shower.

I put flowers in boots and watering cans (One more image here):
We DEVOURED the spicy corn dip (and burgers & hotdogs from the barbecue pit. Er, the grill. WHATEVER.):
Aaaaaaaaaand then some cupcakes:
We opened presents:
And here is pretty mama Jaime on Sunday surrounded by her goodness. This girl is decorating her nursery in OWLS and I droooooooooooooooooooled all over all of her owl-related gifts.


mercurial mary said...

Oooooh! Owls for a nursery is the best idea ever.

Audreya said...

2 years ago, the stork infiltrated about everyone I knew. I made a list of expecting friends at one point... it got in the 40s or 50s. Now, it seems like a large number of them are pregnant again. I'm sure I'll be attending a rash of showers soon!

The flowers in the boot is super cute. Cute enough to make me rhyme, apparently.

melissa said...

when i am pregs for the first time, i imagine you will all be pretty sick and tired of baby showers. :) can we just have mine in a bar? is that allowed?

Susan said...

I had a great time. Thanks so much. And don't forget several of us are waiting for that dip recipe. So yummy. I ate so much, I didn't have room for a burger! Somehow put away 2 of Elana's cupcakes though.
P.S. I "borrowed" a few pics.

brooke knight said...

everything=cute. su looks awesome!

brooke knight said...

everything=cute. su looks awesome!