what the truck?


(Baby Frances Katherine)


(Baby Parker)

(Shower for Baby Max)

As Nate would say "Oh the BABIES." (He like to add "oh the" before naming certain objects. It's pretty stellar. Oh the tree! Oh the car! Oh the bird! Oh the squirrel! (and with enthusiasm!) Oh the truck!

Except it sounds like 'oh the fuck!' Oh, yes, you have read that correctly. His mispronounce of the word truck sounds exactly like the f word. It's my karmic retribution for a lifetime of cursing. I have to walk around repeating really loudly "That IS a big TRRRRuck...t-t-t-trrrruck" so the people in the Kroger parking lot don't think I am raising a trucking heathen.


Lauryl Lane said...

hahaha! i may be 12 years old myself, but i think it is the funniest thing in the world when i hear a baby "cursing." ;-)

Ashley said...

Um, that is freaking adorable that he says "oh the" before everything!! I love it :)

melissa said...

THERE ARE BABIES EVERYWHERE. it's a cuteness epidemic, and it kind of freaks me out. :)

Savannah B said...

My kid had a similar mispronunciation- Fork. Once, he told me he was forking his spaghetti (well, he WAS!) and I nearly choked on mine.
Also, my mother SWEARS that he said "Damn that noice" when a truck started up and backfired.

I sorta believe it.

Also? I *love* "Oh the...!"

Kate said...

shut up, that fraces katherine is not for real! she is a doll. literally, a doll, right?

Stacia said...

lol...so Jacob had a fascination with heavy equipment...his dad operates such machinery. He LOVED dump trucks, he would shout out what sounded just like "dumb f*ck" over and over and over

Anonymous said...

hi love
i like it! i will work that into my vocab! "oh the truck!" and appropriate for and office setting too. thanks naters :) xox ALOVE