dear soda, why can't i quit you

So there's this thing: It's called Lent. People give things up for forty days in preparation for Easter, right? Right. I decided to participate this year. And, if I am going to be completely honest here, it wasn't really in prep for Jesus, it was for purely selfish reasons. (Like weight loss.)

Point: I gave up Coca Cola. It's definately the longest I have gone since, uh, childhood without a soda. Even pregnancy didn't really hinder my habit. (I cut back but didn't stop.) I don't drink diet anything, I don't drink Dr. Pepper or ANY other kind of soda (yucko!), I don't drink tea of ANY kind... nope, just the REAL DEAL COCA COLA CLASSIC.

So, for forty days, nothing.

I started refusing to eat at certain places because I knew the food just wouldn't taste as good without a Cola. (Yes, I'm one of 'those' people who can tell you which restaurants in Little Rock have decent soda - Purple Cow, I'm looking at you! Yum! Though I miss your old ice.)

Side note: (You would think this combination no coke and less eating out would help me loss weight, but that's didn't really happen. Eh.)

I felt so much more awake without soda (The lack of sugar crash!?) but continued to crave it pretty CONSTANTLY.

BUT AND BUT AND everyone told me it would taste gross and sweet and blahbity blah blah but you know what? I had one on Saturday.


And all I want to do is drive to the Kroger, buy a 12 pack and guzzle them all RIGHT NOW.

(I'm really trying to just have them for special occasions (like, say, Lunch.).)



Chatty Fattie said...

Everyone who says that after giving it up it will start tasting syrupy an disgusting is living in LIAR LAND. Every time I give it up and then start again it tastes like angel tears. It's amazing.

sdhorton said...

You made me want to go to Sonic for a coke RIGHT NOW. Nice will power though that you made it that long without one.

Audreya said...

I gave up soda for years. You would think after that long, Coke wouldn't have been able to lure me back in... but alas, it did. I still drink them very rarely but they do taste just as great every time!! Granted, they burn my throat because I'm not used to the carbonation and everything, but the Coke makes me too happy to care! :-) So, no advice on giving them up, but hey, even if you cut back just a little, that totally counts!!

Amy B said...

I don't know how to talk you down from the ledge, because I am up there on it with you. I once gave it up for 6 months while in preparation for an intense backpacking trip. I didn't cheat once. And like you said, everyone told me I wouldn't like soda anymore, that the habit would have been broken.

Well, on the final day of the backpacking trip, when we got back into town, I we went to a Mexcian restaurant, and I ordered a Dr. Pepper and it was THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER.

Coke is not my soda of choice, but I feel your pain. I really want to quit soda. I know it's bad. I just...can't.

Kate said...

I hear ya. I keep trying to completely give up soda of any kind and then come back to deciding that I have very few real vices and therefore deserve this one. I'm a DDP girl -- diet dr. pepper, that is. But of course only because I'm denying myself the real deal - Coca Cola classic. My frieds at work know that if they see me with a real Coke can, it's been a bad day.
You probably already know this, but the BEST in my opinion is: Mexican coke in the glass bottles! You can get them in my hood. They're still made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

Kelli said...

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, I never drank caffeine. And then I started working at Subway and Mt. Dew was on tap. And I was hooked. And have been ever since, until a month ago when my Dr. told me to give it up. (Trying to stop the migraines)
I have drank 2 starbucks during that time, but no soda. And amazingly it hasn't been that hard. But, also having the Dr. practically order me to stop is different. I don't know if I would have had the willpower if I were alone.
Good luck. Let someone else order the coke and you just take a few sips. You get the flavor and can enjoy it, but will drink water instead. Maybe. Just a thought.

nicole said...

I would've had one with Easter lunch, girl. When Lent is over, Lenten promises go bye-bye. When Jesus got out of that desert, the angels fed him a feast. If Coke was around, he probably would've asked for one! I'm with you on the Real Thing, Baby. Coca-Cola Classic. There's nothing better. I had one at lunch @ U.S. Pizza, which still has the "good" ice. xoxo.

Maria said...

Keep fighting the urge! I drink it on rare occasions now and notice that after just one dt. coke, I crave it. It's the chemicals in that stuff. Stay away until you get it under control!!!

melissa said...

i don't urge you to stay away from it. i've never known you to go overboard with anything, even your insane-o coke problem. (HA!) do what you do, mama. who would you be without a coca-cola in your hand? ;)

as a sidenote: i did quit it for a while, and it DID taste like crap when i drank it again, but i continued to drink it until it tasted good again. what does that say about me?! nothing good, i think. :)

Andrea said...

Coke is the bees knees. And I'm a pop-a-holic. Diet Coke in the HOUSE letmehearyasayyeahhhhhhh.

Susan said...

I've been avoiding "taste good with beer" foods/restaraunts while pregnant. I might have melt down at a crawfish boil This Saturday though. I mean how do you eat those without a cold one?! I'm gonna try my hardest. I've found diet dp is the best no-cal option, but it's no coca cola classic! Can't beat the real thing; so don't try!

Meredith said...

Amen, sister.

Jennifer said...

I love coke and diet coke and diet dr. peppar and 7up and regular dr. peppar and pepsi if they don't have coke and diet pepsi if they don't have diet coke and and and and.

Anonymous said...

i gave soda up for lent too. and, now, i'm back on it. oh well. i can't say i felt that much better without it.