s.j.h.g. b.day 06.

i would like to send some birthday love to ms. sarah jane hobbs gray. (far left).

mucho <3ing.

additionally, i got this funny email link: North vs.South (as a wretched transplant yankee from the midwest i was slightly amused)


Sarah said...

thank you KAT! such a cute pic. love it. never knew it existed. why do i have a smoke in my hand.

thanks again!

cannot wait to hang out... sometime... soon.

karl said...

kittens in the oven?

Leah Billings said...

As a transplant myself, I loved that link. It's totally true!

Susan said...

Hahahahaha....real freakin' funny! Keep makin' fun of the South and all ya'll will get a big ol' @$$ whoopin'. jk...you know you love it here! <3 u! :)

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