so the weekend was a smashing SUCCESS! how much fun did we have? A LOT. i will be posting pictures of the night as soon as they come in!

a few highlights:

  • jenny and kat singing i'm a little teapot and doing the dance in the middle of the river market via microphone.
  • the cousins head banging at the underground
  • some random bachelor party buying us like eight bottles of some beer champagne thing at the saucer AND providing us with some dancing... generous guys...
  • jenny stopping AND directing traffic in the middle of the road at the end of the night (well the bar part of the night!)
  • bridget bringing me the WORLD's LARGEST PAIR OF PANTIES as a gift
  • meredith eating a tortilla covered in red sauce and butter.. ew.
  • brooke counting people like the teacher on the field trip.. it was awesome!
My sister and Brooke were on top of everything and it all went perfectly. I think all 17 of us had a blast.