the cards win in houston!!

despite all the incessant BUZZING and towel waving, the cards win in houston and head on back to St. Louis for Game 6! the astros lead the series 3-2, but i have faith the cards will bring her home!! the poor astros have never been to a world series - they are getting all nervous.

as for me, the weekend with mike and linda was great.. we just hung out and ate a lot and showed off our house!

yesterday i had to make a doctor trip (i hate doctors) to get my ears irrigated. (doesn't that sound like fun? trust me, it is not pleasant...) they blast out all the wax "plugs" (ew) in your ears with water. fun stuff. (i can hear now!) karl also made a trip to the doctor - sinus infection... and he got some nice prescriptions so also good news. I am sure you all care about our sick little bodies!!

roxy and arlo say hi and they want you to come over and play.


Anonymous said...

I thought of you last night Kat when Albert hit his bomb!!!!! In between screams, tears and jumping up and down. We almost killed our cat it scared him to death. That game is the only thing anyone is talking about at work. Did I mention that I love Albert, because I do, with all of my being. 2 more till the world series!!!

brooke knight said...

haha i want to come visit arlo and roxy too...give them lovin from me. i still think the guy in your pic looks like he has no arm...weird lighting...go cards!

Leslie Robus said...

wasn't the buzzing the most annoying thing ever!!! who cares that the people in houston can buzz like bees.

but the cards won!!! that is the best...2 more to go. This town is crazy today and we all love Pujlos.

the gloria family said...

oohh creepy. it does look like he doesn't have an arm.

Marcus and Camber said...

The armless man. Scary

Go Cards!

Anonymous said...

I just figured out why Isringhausen appears as the armless man in the picture. If you look real close you can tell that is one of the astros between him and the camera. It is his black bating helmet that makes his arm disappear. Still kind of funky.

emily and eric said...

and... they both look fingerless.... at least i thin k so! i want to come over and play!... with the dogs .. of coarse

Anonymous said...

It is a sad, sad day in St. Louis. Katie, you better not have turned on that game last night or you are compltely responsible! I am very sad, and all of my students are afraid to talk to me cause they know that I am in a bad mood today! Oh well, maybe then they will be quiet for me!

Elizabeth Spann said...

It wasn't me! It was the one armed man!

You nutty baseball people. :)

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