lunch blog: why kat hates dogs: part 1

1. they smell
2. they bark
3. they shed
4. they chew things
5. they jump on things (like beds and furniture and people)
6. they don't talk
7. i am allergic (according to my mom yesterday.. this is up for debate!)

i know, i am heartless.

that being said, we are, it appears getting a stinky dog..maybe dogs. and soon. before karl goes insane. My vote is to get TWO doggies so the dogs have a playmate that is not me... preferably a brother and sister or brothers or sisters... and then i won't feel as guilty leaving them outside (not all the time) b/c i was looking at websites yesterday and they all were like "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN OUTSIDE DOG" and saying how mean and cruel it was to not love on your dog and leave them outside all the time and that those dogs are crazy and i don't want a crazy dog... i don't even want a normal, well-behaved dog... why in the world would i want a crazy one?

anyway, here are some of the names we have come up with. Please vote for your favorite or suggest others.... i think you can vote once a day. good stuff!

What should we name our DOG TEAM?
Batman and Robin
He-Man and She-ra
Blogspot and Dotcom
arcot ramathorn "thorny" and rod farva
Kitty and Karlotta
Arlo and Roxy
Ursher and Luda
Eric and Emily! (KIDDING!)
wyatt earp and doc holiday
Other - please suggest below!

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brooke knight said...

OH MY GOD those are some of the funniest names EVER....i can't decide yet...i like dotcom and blogspot and ramathorn and farva the best i think....hahahaha... you will be converted. and yes, it IS cruel to leave a dog outside all the time. and if you train them, they will be cool, and you KNOW karl will train the hell out of those dogs. no worries. HAHAHA.

Elizabeth Spann said...

You're going to end up loving that dog. Wait and see. What a good wife you are. :) Sacrificing your health and sanity. But, hey! Kristen was totally allergic to cats before JR, and now she's got a big ol' fat cat that she loves. It can happen!

katandkarl said...

the best part about ramathorn and farva is that we could call them team ram rod.

the gloria family said...

i can't believe you caved. is karl going to close the back yard? maybe i could bring tyson over to play. i know you are not happy about this, but i'm sure karl will give the dogs enough attention for the both of you.

Unknown said...

you gotta be kidding me! what's not to love about dogs??? here are 5 quick reasons dogs rule:
1. they love you unconditionally
2. they are totally enthusiastic
3. they have soft ears
4. they get you lots of attention
5. they make amazing company

Anonymous said...


Susan said...

What a newlywed compromise! I'm so happy that ya'll are joining the wonderful world of pet-ownership. You'll finally have your porn name! I can see it now "Ramathorn Delhigh."

Leah Billings said...

Yea! Dogs! I may have to come over and visit more often so I can live vicariously through you two once you get them. I think dotcom and blogspot would be fabulous, but if it was me I would get tired of saying those two words over and over. I suppose I vote for Arlo and Roxy. They are definitely cute names.

Jax said...

Will and Grace-those are my suggestions...or Besty Ross and Benjamin Franklin.....hmm..or...lemme think.. haahaha. THose names are AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I am down with the Super Trooper names.......but you know katie...i have to vote for the ROXY!!! hell yess!! oh also, don't get dogs...ewww

emily and eric said...

i am leaning towards eric and emily