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my sister and momma kromer! Posted by Picasa

there are two other engagements to speak of and one baby born:

Congrats to:

  • the future chip and anne taulbee - engaged last weekend!
  • mike wallace's sister tiffany and her now fiance grif - engaged sunday! (say it: tiff and griff!)
  • ann and tim kromer (stl folk!) welcomed their first son Tyler Robert last week - to join his big sister Princess Haley who is one.
  • susan is pregnant!!! (hahahahha.. RUMOR!)

it's like three truths and a lie! susan is not pregnant (but it will be fun to announce it when she is!)

this weather SUCKS! i want my 90 degree days back!

OH! and i almost forgot this: the "STROS" lost AGAIN last night bringing the World Series series to 3-0. Take that Roger Clemens! (RETIRE ALREADY.. geez!) BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ no more! go sox!


brooke knight said...

c'mon su, just get pregnant so we can all talk about it ! doesnt that sound fun!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Yowza- that's a lot going on! Congratulations to everybody! Especially you, Susan. Ha, ha, ha!

PS- the weather is FABULOUS! Sweating sucks.

Leah Billings said...

Cold weather is BETTER!! :)

Susan said...

Kat just wants everyone else to be pregnant cause she is. hehehe....jk. That's funny. Give us a few months and it might come true!

emily and eric said...

i LOVE the weather! i am soo happy for Susan. i hope it's a boy!!!j/k and it's abt. time Griff!!

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Jax said...

Kat!!!! How is the jobbie job hunting going? I prefer independently wealthy. If you figure out how to achieve this, let me know. :) On another note, I am trying to get a group together...in March for my LAST spring break to go to Puerto Vallarta or something. I know you, Brooke, etc all have "real" lives now, but still..your real lives have vacations, right? And I get a student rate... think about it...