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halloweeen is past - thank god!

so the "holiday" weekend was good. unfortunately, my pictures were NOT and this is the only semi-decent one (as in NOT BLURRY!) out of the four i snapped! hopefully elizabeth and katie will send me theirs because i know we took some cute shots!

before the party, i worked at the Little Gym until 11:30 p.m. - there was a costume party for the kiddos - 24 children in costumes and two adults is not such a good idea! (costumes included lots of princesses, one buzz lightyear, a dora the explorer, a nascar driver complete with helmet, gloves, and patches, a hula girl, and a pop diva- just a few! cute!) so i didn't get to OUR party till late and i was in a not so nice mood (the kids were wild). the adult costumes were fabulous as well. (for us, karl = army guy. kat = football player. i borrowed my 9 year old neighbors shoulder pads and jersey. trust me, everyone else's costumes were much better!)

currently: it's sunday: karl and rea and arlo went to the deer camp to "get things ready" for the coming deer weekends and i am here feeling sorry for myself with my black football player marks still flaking off my face from last nights costume, eating peanut butter from the jar, drinking pepsi (NOT WATER!), and watching heart and souls (remember that 90s flick with the bus crash and the little boy? walk like a man, talk like man...) while my "to do" lists keep getting LONGER and LONGER and nothing gets crossed off because I AM JUST SITTING HERE being especially lazy! help! someone snap me out of it and find me a JOB!
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