doggies...rock stars

arlo and roxy getting bigger... sunday night we went to patrick's house to play with luke and winston (patrick's dog is luke - 8 month old lab and ashley and brent's dog is winston - same age and also a labbie)... they were ginormous and our puppies were scared. it was hilarious. they looked a lot like arlo and roxy (winston is dark like roxy and luke light like arlo) doggie dates are fun(ny). Posted by Picasa


brooke knight said...

what sweet babies! aaaahhhh must come visit soon!

Susan said...

I can't wait to meet them tomorrow. We're still on for lunch, right? Naughty Little Caesars?

Angela said...

Thanks Kat!!! I'm super excited!!!!!! I will be asking for tons of wedding advice!!

Carol said...

they are precious!!!!!!

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