whatcha whatcha want

i am having a bit of blogger's block. any burning personal questions you would like me to address?

maybe it is because lost season 4 arrived at my house yesterday via netflix and i can now only think of the island and the people getting off the island. (SHHHHHH - don't tell.)

i just got an email from Nate's daycare entitled "Health Advisory." The first line went like so: "Today, in one of our Early Childhood classes over 50% of the student population is experiencing at home or at school repeated and persistent vomiting, some to the point of possible dehydration."

ummmmmmmmmmmm. what does that mean!?


melissa said...

find a funny picture from years ago, post it, and tell the funny story that accompanies. blogger's block solved. : ) call me sooooon. i miss yoooou. xo

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

it pretty much means that vomit that looks like curdled milk most likely is on it's way.

Maria said...

It means that there's a bug going around school, and they want you to know so you can be paranoid about potential symptoms that nate may or may not get and keep him home in the event that he does have symptoms, so they can stop the spread of the bug around the school.

It's going around The Boy's school too, btw. It sucks. Egg is not tasty looking the second time around. Nor is projectile apple juice...or toast...or breastmilk...

melissa said...

Okay, so I was just sitting on the couch, freezing...and I pulled a blanket up over my arms to my chin, and then I looked down at my computer sitting next to me...and I said to myself...a snuggie would really come in handy right now! True story.

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