life can't be all that bad

when i have this beautiful babe to snuggle with in the morning. (and in the night and whenever possible in between.)

HOWEVER, life can be busy, and stressful, and downright crazy. prioritizing is difficult. clearly, The Baby and The Husband get top priority. and then The Job? and then what? The Friends? The Blog? I have a list of fun things to blog about; please bear with me in this time of insanity.

I feel a ridiculous amount of anxiety and stress. somedays i am glad to be back at work and other days i am so anxious about the baby at the daycare that i feel too disoriented to focus on work. (OR ANYTHING.) i also have a problem feeling the same 'go get em' attitude as i had BEFORE NATE. if my client doesn't like the blue in thier ad, i find it really hard to care as much. but, overall, i still enjoy my work.

and then there are days like monday.

on monday, a certain female coworker in the office unnecessarily lost her temper (with me) and MAY have been plain RUDE (to me) re: something that was not my responsibility (and, for the record, if it was, i would own it.). she was VERY IMPORTANT & VERY BUSY and on her way out the door for VERY BIG appointment, and I couldn't get her what she needed AT THAT SECOND. five minutes later she was back in the door because her car battery was dead. karma. it is a bitch.

on that same day, i had an advertiser pull on "press day" (very bad... messes up entire pages of a publication... must find filler text or move things around or do SOMETHING to go in its spot) because she wasn't happy with the ad we worked on for her. a teeny, tiny ad that i loved very much had to call her about EVERY day for two weeks because she had neither internet nor fax at her place of business. (don't get me started on clients that approve advertising through fax...ALL FAX MACHINES SHOULD BE BURNED ala office space style.) Let's not name names (ahem, kris & sams cookies on bowman road) but let's just say i will never eat another cake ball again from her establishment. they go on THE LIST (of advertisers i work with that i would NEVER give business to.) this list is, unfortunately, quite long.

some other things happened monday, but none are important.

let's just say i have a whole new respect for working mothers. i am NOT complaining, but, wowzers, it is more challenging than i anticipated. the days fly by and my laundry pile never decreases.

the baby has had a few issues at daycare. they say he is 'gassy' after he eats... but he never is at home.... so i just don't know how they are feeding them and i don't know how to tell them to feed him... and the thought of him screaming makes me cringe. plus, one of the FT teachers left and they haven't hired a new one yet... so there have been several folks in and out of the classroom. that stesses me a little. it isn't because i miss nater so terribly i can't handle it, but it IS difficult to leave your child in some one elses care. especially when that person rotates.

wow, ok, please don't feel sorry for me because, despite the recent negativity, things really are great. (oh, and my baby fevah is gone. like, way, way, way gone.) this past weekend with the baby was SUPER FUN - he is rolling a bit and obsessively chewing his hands and finding his feetsies. oh, and giggling. my baby talking skillz are becoming top notch and the other night i tried to burp karl while we were watching tv.

stay tuned for a fun post...also the blog will be going under a very SLIGHT maintenance. slight.

4 months, 2 days


melissa said...

i love you, button. call me soon. xoxo

Jennifer said...

I love the new pics of him. It shocks me what a big boy he his. I love you!!!

Maria said...

nater tater tot has gotten so so so big!

Being a working mom is ridiculously hard, but you are a strong woman. :)

Stacia said...

He looks liek such a big boy! Karma yes it is a bitch, just explained that to Jacob last night, maybe a little to grown up for him, but hey start now =)

Sarah said...

i love him!!!!!!!!!! he is looking so baby now and cuddly and lovey and cute. yum!

i. dread. being. a. working. mom.

Kelz World said...

i have a question, where did you get your orange sheets? and the baby is sooooo friggin cuteeee!!

Chandle said...

He is getting big. Get some rest and don't worry about the laundry. Also working mothers amaze me. Go you!

Susan said...

Friends go before work!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like our jobs are very similar - I didn't know! I can't IMAGINE having to get client approval through faxing. That's crazy!!!