16 pounds of baby

arkansas' race for the cure was this saturday.

ms. melissa and i rocked it. and, by rocked it, i mean we walked in the enormous pack of 50,000 women with nater in his sling. we did the 5k and i must say, between that and to and fro parking my should is a leeeeeetle sore from carrying him. he's getting awful big. (that last sentence is to be said in a baby voice while making a 'smile-pleeeze"' face at the baby.) nate did fabulous per usual. he slept most of the race.

melissa and i once again entertained ourselves by making our own t-shirts. this year i had to work around my sling.

some other favorite slogans we saw: Fighting the War on My Rack. (This one was printed on a huge banner that overhung the 'Harley corner.' A bunch of bikers get together, dress in pink, and rev their engines the whole race. it's very sweet. in a manly, biker way.

there were many camo t-shirts. i particularly giggled at the "hunt for the cure" slogan. in pink. on camo.

there was also a man on the corner praising the Lord. He got a lot of "Hallelujahs" and hands raising to the sky from the crowd of walkers. only in the south!

and the usual marching bands, mayors, fire trucks (complete with dancing fireman), radio stations, and political supports. it is the same every year and i love it.

this is my 3rd year to participate in this race. and my first year to walk. (boo.) i race specifically for my grandma pat, my aunt chris, and my moms best friend joanne. all survivors. i am especially proud of my own boobies this year (with the whole breastfeeding thing) - did you know BFing reduces your own risk of breast cancer?

also, have i mentioned how much i love wearing my baby?

3 mo, 2 wk, 2 dy


melissa said...

i had a BLAST racing for the cure, lady. and nater was a prince the whole time, no surprise there. i xox you, and very much look forward to our t-shirt making enterprise. hollaaaaaaaa.

Sarah said...


love your shirt!

Sarah said...

oh and is it me or is there or is that a blonde streak of hair on your head?

Megan said...

I like your shirt. Nate is still such a cutie.

nicole said...

I love the middle picture. Nate looks so cozy in his sling. Congrats for completing the race!

brooke knight said...

those pics are gorgeous!