little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky

so, it's totally weird to do the 'cliche' things i never thought i would do, but now find myself participating with total compliance. case in point: pumpkin patch pictures. why must society require parents to drive to a patch, place their child on a pumpkin, and snap an image or 4,000? WHY!?

whatever, i am going with it.

because it was fun.

and, because, dear god, the pictures make me nauseated they are so cute. i mean, is he really cute, or am i just ridiculously biased? you know what? don't answer that. i don't care.

additionally, pig races? really arkansas? really? (they painted a little spot on them. i picked the green one. his name is hamlet. he came in dead last. every race.) (and, for the record, i did not see my first real pig up close and in person (that i remember) until the oklahoma state fair in college. they most certianly do not 'oink' - who even came up with that?) nater boots slept through his first pig races. shame on him. how will he ever grow up to be a proper country boy?

also, apple gourds? coooool. billy goats named billy? feisty. tank tops? yes, the weather was warm enough to wear a tank top to the patch. awesome. and? the owl hat? compliments of audra.

in conclusion, i swear to god, (ya'll) if i put a picture of my child in a santa hat or inside a present box with some sort of bow anywhere on his body on this blog, shoot me dead. (let's not remember this line come december, hmmm? i don't THINK it will happen, but just in case, ok?)

and, finally, the dodgers. yea. let's make a come back, and let's kick some phillie arse. nice post-season work, joe torre. the yankees must miss you. ( i can NOT believe i am cheering for manny ramirez.) (we're talking baseball here, friends.)

3m, 2w, 3d


emseth said...

hey katie it's em rose. first, yes he is that cute. second you are SKINNY! wow. what a cute family! good luck with the holidays, hope you are well

Jennifer said...

i want to go to a pumpkin patch soooo badly and i don't even have a kid to pose on a pumpkin! looks like you guys had fun! nate is adorable.

Jennifer said...

he's the cutest thing ever!!!

Maria said...

nate is ridiculously gorgeous, so it's not just you.

Stacia said...

Yes he is that cute!!
Love the hat, and the pumpkin gourds

Lauryl Lane said...

i hate to admit it.... he's pretty fucking adorable. i don't say a baby is pretty when it isn't. parents of ugly babies (and let's face it, most babies aren't very pretty, at least not in the beginning) don't need to think their babies are cute when they aren't. that's just silly. but you and karl did some fine work on young nater. he's really one of the prettiest babies EVER. there. i said it.

Elizabeth Spann said...

A goat named "Billy Goat GRUFF," no less.
I wish we had video of him rearing back in slow mo' at Jeremy's hand. Ha ha ha ha.

It was a lovely day, my dear. ;) And if you put a bow on your baby and put him in a box and take a picture, I won't tell anyone.
But shhhhh let me know when you do it. Ha ha ha.

melissa said...

Haha! I love saying "bless their heart"...love it...I'm usually being sarcastic but still.

Very cute! I am obsessed with my own garden I can only imagine what I would be like with my own offspring!

Chandle said...

I think it's adorable.

care said...

I am glad you explained the tank tops. I was like, "what is kat, an inferno?!?"

and yes, nate is amazingly cute. fo rizzle.

Sarah said...

oh i love him!

jennifer said...

Can I just mention how much I love the new header? I love floating head nate...verrrrrrrrrrry spooky! Happy Halloween!

Jax said...

I LOVE the pics! I love love love them. The pumpkin patch! AW! Gah.. you make me want to go to the patch and maybe just take someone's baby...b/c it's that cute. Boo. I miss you.

Amy, David, Caroline, Corbin and Cohen said...

We are taking Caroline on Sunday, so I am sure we will have the 4,000 plus pics. Nate is so gorgeous!!!

Susan said...

Which patch did ya'll go to? We were supposed to go today on a field trip to the one in Mayflower, but it rained too much last night so they are rescheduling for next week perhaps. But, I went last year in Greenbrier and clicked away as well!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i LOVE those apple gourds! coolest looking thing EVER! oh well...besides the really cute kid in the owl hat!!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

oh! and read the book "bless your heart TRAMP" by celia rivenbark.


the day's said...

nate is great.
in a patch
in a satch (as in sling)
on a gord
with a sword (but i don't recommend that)
nate is great
for goodness sake,
give him a break.

somer suess.