why i am crazy; reason #4,653

i swear to god, ya'll

(and yes sometimes i actually speak like that now. once in a while i like to see how many ya'lls I can throw into one sentence. last week, at mcalisters, the girl standing in front of us said... and i quote.. "if ya'll know what ya'll want, ya'll can go ahead." no lie. THREE ya'lls. in one sentence. it was horrifying. and A-wesome. my 'yankee-ness' fades. )

ANYWAY, i am swearing and crazy because I think I might have baby fever. and by think, i mean I DO! (ish.) momnesia is REAL, people. i keep seeing all these cute babies everywhere (ahem- my own mostly) and at daycare and everywhere else and i just want to eat them up. and it feels like half of the people i know are either pregnant or trying to get pregnant. and, damnit, i was pregnant ALL ALONE (well, amongst my circle of friends) and now i want to be pregnant WITH THEM.

sigh. but not really.

but kind of.

it's easy to say when nate is past his initial fussiness and becoming so fun but not yet mobile. i know once he is crawling and running around all crazy-like i won't be as baby crazy.

remind self: bloody noses. fat cankles. puking (i had to make them take the needle out of my arm once at the doc's office so i could go vomit!). little sleeping (and never on the back or the belly!). overspending on toilet paper. obsessively watching baseball. kicks to the ribs.

but, but...

i kind of miss that baby moving around it there. that was pretty cool. (and, even now, is SO bizarre. nate was IN THERE. growing. eating. sleeping.)

ok, no more crazy talk.

3 mo, 2 wks, 1 day


brooke knight said...

it is pretty nuts, but in an awesome way. i wish i knew what i wanted.....blech, decisions. and patience. blech!

Aubrey said...

And the only answer...is MORE COWBELL! :)

Maria said...

Well, let me send you my youngest cousin. I had baby fever... until I spent two days with her! First three kids-- great. last-- HORRID. ACK!

the day's said...

i told you sooo-oooo. btw, it does NOT go away when they are mobile...it gets MUCH worse. ie. ME! ;)
oh and btw #2 i am impressed at how low your "why i am crazy #" is...mine is more like #9,568,972!

Leah Billings said...

Ha! I'm experiencing a similar yet completely opposite situation. I am not yet ready to have the babies, but every time I see one or hear about one or anything to do with pregnancy my uterus feels like it is glowing (think E.T.). I guess its my bio-clock???? Whatever it is, its a weird feeling.

kristen said...

i totally had a dream that you were pregnant again