alright stop collaborate and listen

so here is how i spent my first ice/sleet of the season:

i huddled outside in said sleet, wrapped up in a blanket, waiting for my dogs to puke. why did i need my dogs to puke? oh because one of them ATE AN ENTIRE CHRISTMAS SLEIGH FULL OF CHOCOLATE KISSES and MINI CANDY BARS. Every single choc-o bite and wrapper... there was nary a shiny foil kiss wrapper and not even a fleck of a little flag that said 'kisses' or whatever on our living room floor.

(i will give you one guess as to which dog.)

since we didn't know initially who the doggie culprit was we decided to induce vomiting in both.

we gave them one dose of hydrogen peroxide.

arlo puked it up - no candy bars (CANDY BARS!). no wrappers.

we gave roxy another dose of the peroxide. no upchucking. much running around happily in the yard, chasing around sleet, still trying to eat everything. finally we gave up and came in with her.

she never threw up, never acted weird, ate dinner and breakfast this morning like normal. a-parent-ely chocolate has no effect on her. aparentely the women in this family are tough.

oh roxy. what are we going to do with you?

(yea, some of you probably think we are bad doggie parents for not calling a vet. BUT GOOGLE SAID (haha) that it actually takes quite a bit of chocolate to harm a dog her size, and she honestly was acting just fine and our instincts said the 'wait it out method' would work just fine for this case.)

(flame us if you will.)

(there will be no roxy #2 for Christmas this year!)

(i know. i am a horrible 'animal person.')


The Smiths said...

My parent's dog- Barney the Beagle-did the same thing last Wednesday! He never puked either but drank TONS of water. And, I was once part of a dinner club that had their dessert of chocolate cake eaten off the counter by a 80 lb lab. The vet said to dose it up with hydrogen peroxide. So your doggie parenting turns out to be just a good as your baby parenting!

Sarah said...

Oh Lordy! At least it was not Gorilla Glue! I'm glad my dogs are not the only ones that get into crap.

Sarah said...

but wait, how did you know to give them peroxide?

melissa said...

HA. so roxy's not only kind of slutty, but apparently a little bit of a glutton, too? oh, roxy. we are so similar... how i love thee.

the day's said...

oh girl....SOOOOO sorry. at least they were YOUR chocolates. one year i offered to sell the neighborhood kid's candy bars at the hospital. then, i accidentally left them on the counter and monday ate ALL of the 100 grands (were talking like at least 50). she didn't touch any of the other candy bars(strange, i know) but like our friend roxy left NO evidence except for the small hole in the corner of the candy box. then on top of all that, I had to fork over the 50 bucks to the kid. what was i gonna say? my dog ate them?! yeah right...oh well, happy freaking holidays!! ;) oh yeah, i almost forgot...three days later the evidence reappeared...if you get my drift...

Anonymous said...

my black lab millie ate an entire bag of hershey's santa, reese's x-mas trees and peppermint pattie snowflakes--wrappers and all. the only evidence we ever "found" was foil in the poop. our vet has always told us (yes millie is a repeat chocolate offender) that as long as she poops it out, it will be okay. that chocolate myth is crap! gotta love labs!

Susan said...

Ches ate 2 bars of soap (the last 2 in the whole house I might add)Christmas Eve eve and puked it and his dinner up in the middle of the kitchen floor 45 seconds before both sets of parents arrived for dinner. I figured he learned his lesson, but I doubt it. I'll keep the soap in a much higher drawer from now on.