and i will speak of it no more

So first and foremost, I want to thank you all for your input on the Blog About Blogs. I appreciate each and every word. I loved the discussions and Jenny's input about being nice like your mama taught you. There were several of you that mentioned you only read personal blogs of people you know - and I totally respect that. In fact, I mostly feel the same way. I also want to (as Lauryl said) stay in touch despite the miles that separate us. And that is the real reason my personal internet space started (long ago back when we wuz on the dial up... ok not really. You all know my husband would not allow dial up. EVER. I think we would move if that were the only option.). Without the bloggities, I would likely not be in touch with some of you. (Or at least not have the awareness that I do about what is going on in your life).

But I guess this is also where the lines cross and blur (at least for me personally) - friend of a friend that I fall in love with, bloggers with babies my babies age that GET IT (and by get it I currently mean: a two year old who refuses his sandwich when it's cut in squares and MUST. HAVE. TRIANGLES), friends or acquaintances from college that I didn't know as well while we were in school but now wish I had known better then and were closer (proximity wise) now, folks I meet at blogging events or random links that just leave me wanting to pick up the phone and meet them for The Coffee (since I've know been drinking it for an entire year I'm allowed to set Coffee Dates, right?). I like what Sarah said about exchanging Christmas cards with some of her blog friends - sometimes you just connect. And then my community becomes bigger and then I want to share all those blogs with all my other blogs because sometimes i have an insatiable and ridiculous need to connect people.

So mostly (to end my Blog About Blogs) you all just affirmed my point about negativity (there is room for all out here; we pick and choose who we want to read) and made me look at things in new and different ways (I also appreciated the cursing and genitalia references immensely) and that, my friends, is why I continue to put words in this space.

Oh and so I can share things like this (via damnyouautocorrect):


melissa said...

you're so fucking cool. what? i said it. FUCK. we're being ourselves, right? ;)

Angela said...

the autocorrect almost made me pee my pants. Do you know what snus is? It's some Swedish smokeless tobacco crap. Anyway Mike texted me asking to buy him snus. (he doesn't use auto-correct) My response-- "I'm not buying you any anus!" iPhone approves of anus, but not snus.

Lauryl Lane said...

HAHAHA! Lol. Where do you find this shit? xoxo

Panamamama said...

I am cracking up! My mom sent me a text after babysitting that said "See you Later, Hater." I didn't ask her about it for two days I was so shocked. When I finally did she said "What? I typed 'see you later, gator!'" Love that auto correct.