So... it's November. Here are some fall pics before it starts SNOWING or some such craziness. I saw a decorated Christmas tree at The Krogers yesterday.

Camera 1:
Camera 2:
Camera 3:
Since I'm sorely lacking in the WORDS department, here are a few of my other favorite fall/harvest/patch blogs this year:

Kate: City Style
Jen: Grocery Style

Jackie: Perfect Pumpkin Style
Ashley: Grumpy McGrumperson Style
Jenny: Mushy Gushy Real Boy Style
Brooke: Tornadic Escape Style
Missy Rose: Camel Riding Style
Sarah: FREE Pumpkin Style

Let me know if you posted about The Patch and I'll add you to the list (and give you an unsolicited style of my own choosing).

Additionally and unrelated, if you would be so kind please "Like" my page on the Book of the Face.

I promise to make you mashed potatoes FOR LIFE.

(Well, at least for Thanksgiving, the Forgotten Holiday.)

That is all.

Good day.


m-m-m-melissa said...

HOLY EFF the montage really shows how big that kid is. BIG. and cute! :)

also, thanksgiving is the king of holidays, and i'll expect those mashed potatoes mailed to me first class with exxxxtra butter.

please and thanks. :)

Jennifer said...

I love Thanksgiving, mostly because I love pie. This year I plan on eating one entire French Silk Pie as a reward for the marathon that is 4 days before the holiday.

I love the pictures from each year. So fun.

Savannah B said...

Oh, that boy with his floppy boy hair! Heart, melted.

I miss you friend! We need to be loud in public together soon!

Jax said...

I need to go like your page! Loving the shout out. Thanks, hottness! It makes up for you mentioning SNOW in this post. Not okay. Not.okay. ;) hah... Seriously, I'm gonna need LOTS of cute Nater photos in the snow to make me even halfway smile once it strikes. :) XOXO!

Ashley said...

Camera 1 makes me a little teary. He was so leeeetle!! And also because i'm kinda sad I didn't have a way adorable hat like that for Coop. I can't believe Nate has been to the patch THREE times! He is such a big boy.

Brooke @ Parenting from Scratch said...

We went during the tornado like crazy people (http://parentingfromscratch.com/photos/swept-up/)

Nate's had from Camera 1 is clearly the cutest thing ever.

Missy Rose said...

kat, i'm loving your blog! jackie just introduced me to it today. couldn't help myself - had to share our pumpkin patch adventure, since you asked!! http://oneforme.typepad.com/blog/2010/11/punkin-patch-2010.html
we actually bought our pumpkins the day before at reasors because we were afraid we'd get rained out. so we just went to play and eat fudge! also, you MUST see sarah's punkin adventure too! here's hers: http://sarahtoshreveport.blogspot.com/2010/11/pick-pumpkin.html

The Smiths said...

The photos are cuteness overload. His face stays the same the hair just gets longer!

nicole said...

Ahhhh, baby Nate!

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