and then we attempted to make him a hipster

So Nate slept through Halloween night. We went to Gigi's house (sans costume) and he hit up a few houses with his cousin Stone early in the evening. After that, our plans collapsed as he CRASHED OUT in the car around 6. We thought about waking him but he was exhausted from the weekend and hadn't a nap so we let him sleep. He made it all the way until morning so I'm glad we did. He must have needed it.

On Thursday, we attended a Halloween Party at Karl's office. We thought we'd experiment with a costume and decided to make Nate a hipster. We gave him ...

Glasses without Lenses.
Skinny Jeans.
A striped T.
A skull scarf.

The scarf and the glasses both received a "No Thank you Mommy" when we attempted to put them on. I even attempted bribing him with candy.

Here's how well that went over:

We figured a lot of people wouldn't get it anyway so we just let him run around in his normal clothes. No one seemed to mind. I guess he can dress up next year if he wants. It was one of those battles that just wasn't worth the fight.

AND on the topic of skinny jeans for little boys:

Conversation with girl at The Store (I won't name any names but it rhymes with Schmap) as I was paying:

Me: These skinny jeans are maybe the cutest thing ever.
Her: I know! My niece has three pairs.
Me: They're for my little boy.
Her: Oh. (insert disdainful look here)

I fully support the phenomenon for both sexes. Karl refuses to wear them but even he admitted they looked cute on our tall and skinny child. Plus, they are one of the few pairs of 2T pants that don't fall off his skinny little waist.

Pumpkin Patch pictures to follow.


jessica said...

The hipster idea was great! I LOVE the skinny jeans! Adorable. Really, that's the only reason why I want kids.

Andrea said...

I want a name as cool as Stone!

Also, I want baby skinny jeans for Henry because his chubby short legs would be TOO DIE FOR in them.

Great Halloween costume idea, btw.

brooke knight said...

he looks mega cute in those jeans, for real. and you are adorable as well!

melissa said...

tee hee, skinny jeans. so cute. :) since none of us can pull them off, i say nater boots may as well go for it! and maybe next year he'll be in the mood for masks and hats and staying awake beyond 6pm... ;)

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the skinny jeans. and you. that is all.

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