a biker, a princess and a bricklayer walk into a bar

In case you all were wondering (I know you were!) the soup party was excellent DESPITE the tornado sirens going off at 5:30 (food was due to eikon at 6). So I took a pause from cooking to hang out in the bathroom/bathtub with Karl, Nate and both dogs until the sirens stopped their nonsense and we could safely deliver the goods. No one complained and the soup was all consumed and no one appeared to be POISONED so I'd say = SUCCESS!

On an unrelated note, I still have no idea what Nate is going to be for Halloween - he refuses to wear any hats or anything else near the face so the bearded- garden gnome costume is totally out. Damn. Right now I'm leaning toward the biker/rocker look - ripped up jeans, tats on the arms/muscle shirt, spiky hair? Yes? No?

I visited a certain store this evening to look around. I won't name any names (Schmarget) but CLEARLY they underestimated my power of procrastination! WHO BOUGHT ALL THIS STUFF?!? WHERE ARE ALL THE COSTUMES?!?
I really wanted to make my own temporary tattoos (and you can apparently buy paper to do so with your home printer but, alas, I can find the paper nowhere in Little Rock. Sigh. Shopping on the internet isn't always good for procrastinators!) In fact, I couldn't find any temporary tats anywhere in the Targ. Luckily, I ran into some friends on the way out the door and they had some temporary tats leftover from a recent party and are leaving them in their mailbox for me to pick up tomorrow.

We'll see. I'm open to other costume suggestions (of the SIMPLE variety.) I believe one of my favorite costumes from my own childhood was She-ra (princess of pow-er y'all) which I vividly remember being AWESOME but which, in reality, was a tin-foiled crown and gypsy-like tablecloth shawl thingey for a skirt. (What isn't awesome about THAT costume I ask you!?) Then there was the year I was (wait for it): A bricklayer. That costume was, um, a flannel shirt and a trowel. (For the record my grandfather's profession = bricklayer so it wasn't a TOTALLY crazy costume concept. STILL. I would have liked to see my parent's expressions when I told them of my costume selection that year.)

What costume do you remember most from your own childhood?


Ashley said...

Oh man, I am cracking up at the bricklayer costume! hahaha!! I cannot believe how empty that aisle was! That's crazy. I like the biker idea. Can you spike his hair up? It's going to look hilarious if you're able to do it! I suggest a fauxhawk :) Or you can get a bandana and make a 'do rag, is that what they're called? My only experience with the phrase came from an episode of Full House.

Aubrey said...

Please please please tell me that the back of Nate's biker shirt will say "If you can read this, the bitch fell off."

Best. Biker. Shirt. Ever.

Just say you'll consider it. Pretty please??

Jax said...

Dude. I cant believe how empty the store was!!!! I love the biker idea...:) My most memorable costumes as a kid: a popple...yes really..and a princess..but I wore one of my mom's old bridesmaids dresses (mind you, b/c I WANTED TO. Weird child) and hit people with a wand all night. It makes me smile jsut thinking about it...the hitting peple with a wand that is.

Meredith said...

I'm a big fan of the biker idea as well. Or you could have Bricklayer 2.0 because THAT costume is fantastic.

Panamamama said...

Those are all pretty cool ideas! Target in NLR still has costumes. I was there last night buying candy! We always had to make our costumes. I think the most memorable would be the year mom let me buy one- must have been 4 and wanted to be Casper so she got me this "cool" mask and it came in a paper box with one of the little cellophane windows? I was in Halloween heaven. The ones we made were always cooler though.

the day's said...

i cannot BELIEVE i am admitting this via the internet. most memorable costume: dolly parton's long lost sister from the deeeeeep south. dottie parton. basically the brunette, makeup overloaded, extremely large busted version of dp. i distinctly remember red tights and a very short skirt and TIGHT sweater. i was about 6. what the hades was my mother thinking?! have mercy...

Kate said...

1) lumberjack = jeans, plaid shirt, and a big ol' plastic or cardboard axe for him to carry (and womp you with).
2) UPS guy? All brown clothes. Write UPS on it in yellow.

Those are my non-hat, non-mask, non-makeup, easy last minute ideas for ya. Good luck!