monday funday?

I took three photos this morning on my phone.

Camera 1:

COFFFFEEEEEEEEEE. This morning I had mine as I stumbled from under my blankets in my bed to the blankets on the couch. I let Nate watch a little Toy Story 3 and tried to drink slowly AND WAKE UP.

Camera 2: Why yes this is my child eating a hot dog at 7:30 AM. Oh, wait what's that? It's cold. Why yes, yes it is.
Camera 3: After dropping Nate at school, I dropped some lasagna off for our friends Kelley and Ben, who just welcomed their baby boy, Gus, to the world. How cute is this pan? It was a gift from my aunt and I love taking it places and dishing out food!

I am trying to put a positive spin on things lately and really participate in The Everyday. I think maybe my Seasonal Affective Disorder is in full affect. COME BACK SUN!


Lauryl Lane said...

You seriously need to move to the West Coast. And I need to move to the Pacific North West. I'm all like, "why is it 80 degrees in NOVEMBER? Why is it SO DAMN SUNNY???" I love the weather here, but I'll never get used to the total lack of winter.

Stacia said...

Oh I like, you can cook my lasagna in that pan too, when I have a baby...lol I kid!
However I do love it!

melissa said...

is it just me, or are nater's feet adult-sized? i love it. i want to tickle them. :)

i eat lunch for breakfast pretty much every day of the week. i fully support your hotdogs and lasagna. xo

p.s. LOVE the name gus! tell kelley i said congrats when you see her again!

Aubrey said...

Nick's grandpa liked to eat cold hot dogs with mayonnaise. Nate might like to try that tomorrow morning. :)

Love that pan cover. Precious.

I love the name Gus, but I can't help but think of the special needs mouse on Cinderella (the one that yells "Duh...duh...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" when all the other mice yell "Surprise!") every time I hear it.

P.S. It's completely dark here at 4:30pm.

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