It’s 5 o clock somewhere.

Sigh. Get me out. I had a conference yesterday and it was long and stressful and I am tired! Jenny is here; Brooke is coming and I wanna go home! Yes, I am whiney!


(this is what we used to say in college while we jumped up and down on each others beds when we were trying to convince people to skip class! Which we, surprisingly, didn’t do that often. Maybe we should have done it MORE! )

call me.

SATURDAY is our TU AlUM Picnic and (of course) the chance of rain is about, oh, 90%. NIIIIIIIIIIIICE.... that might affect attendance just a little since it is OUTSIDE in a PARK. granted, under a huge pavillion, but you know how people are when it rains. and saturday night we are going to a Casino Night benefit thing for Ronald McDonald House/Arkansas National Associaton of Women Owned Busines/ LR Garden Council. It's at Hilcrest Hall which i am excited about because i have never been! have a good one!


Angela said...

you guys have fun...Mike & I have a great weekend to look forward to: cleaning!! i'm jealous!!

Jax said...

hahahahha!!! I miss the imitation of Kat jumping up and down on the bed (since I didnt know you for the real thing..but the imitation was funny enough) saying "Class is cancelled!!!" lol! :)

melissa said...

What program did you use to add video to the blog?

Sarah said...

i need your cell phone, brooke's and jenny's.

email me at sjanehobbs@yahoo.com

i feel like i am a leach. i want to hang out!

brooke knight said...

casino night was fun. and funny. that is all.