bitchiness scale o the day.

the one on the left represents my bitchiness today and the one on the right represents me normal. i am increasingly bitchy b/c i can not get this stupid chart to look right in blogger (it was only supposed to take like two seconds!)

i could go into the MANY reasons for my attitude today but i will spare you the gory details as all of them are mundane and pretty inconsequential to most of your lives.

just know that it is a terrible, horrible, NO good, very bad day!


brooke knight said...

oooh me too mee toooo yay bitch

mr. mups said...

just let it all out and know that tomorrow will be better. bitchy days can sometimes be fun when you practice responsible bitching :)

emily and eric said...

i was bitchy yesturday... i am better now. this too will pass

Elizabeth Spann said...

You know what helps? Hot dogs, macaroni n cheese, and the Amazing Race. Oh, wait- we did that!

Kristy said...

I am all for bitchiness. I have progressed through the first stages and I am at ANGER. I wrote a nice long bitchy letter (which will never get sent) but it helped a little. Hope you have a better day today!

Anonymous said...

After close inspection of your blog, we find that you can't be that bitchy to make such a hilarious chart early in the morning....we enjoyed it very much (and also have only slept for like 4 hours due to a big test at noon) so we may not be the best judge, but cheer up!!! no need to take a test and your graphic skills are off the charts!!

Jax said...

Yes, I like this blog. Officially. My bitchiness has been off the charts...and I find joy in knowing that others, too, are slightly insane from time to time..By insane, I mean...likely should put away all sharp objects before talking to anyone.. Yes.. agree with the bitchy. Feel better.

Chandle said...

Don't worry, it'll get better, Alexander. I was bitchy yesterday too, but now I'm normal again, probably because I don't have severe stomach flu.

Susan said...

You should have seen my last Thursday....Whew.

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