hey baby let's go to vegas...

kiss the same ole life goodbye....

the aforementioned pics from karl's vegas trip. who knew that if you win money in vegas you get... guess what? an ipod! karl is happily carting his new nano all around the town. yee haw!

now we broke.

anyone want to donate to our house payment fund? hehe.. i jest. (moms and dads, we in fact can and will make our housepayment! stop worrying!)

not much else, i am in the midst of planning a HUGE convention at work and karl is traveling all around the country for work and we are working on two new web projects.. i have a new (operational) cellular that i am taking back b/c it sucks.

that's all for now babies and mommas!


Lauryl Lane said...

woah momma! did karl really take those pictures? they look magazine-quality! congrats on the ipod... y'know i won mine at grad party last year and now i don't know how i lived without it!

katandkarl said...

i know. he has to stinking be good at everything. so annoying!


Elizabeth Spann said...

Oooh, oooh! I think I see the Wild Wild West!! Just kidding. :)

melissa said...

Nice pictures!

Leah Billings said...

Great photos! I've not yet transistioned to an i-pod, but I'd like to some day. I'm waiting for them to get a little cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Good job with the song lyrics. "Kiss the same ole life goodbye"? Nice try. The song is about going to Vegas, finding a wedding chapel and getting married. Hence, the correct lyrics are "Kiss the SINGLE life goodbye." Isn't it funny when people think they know the words to a song, but they're wrong?

katandkarl said...

i get the words to a lot of songs wrong. does it stop me from singing them at the top of my lungs? nah...

i hope that wasn't a malicious comment, dear anonymous! (behind your anonymous shield)

on-scon-scilly-on-me (in the name of love). -def lep

Sarah said...

kiss the single life goodbye.

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